I don’t know what’s worse – trying to get someone to help me finish all of Tomb of Shadow quests so I can advance it along to the next set of quests or going on your own and use hirelings and doing the Shadow Lord where you have to hit levers left and right, not just one lever but several in a complex pattern to move along.

While doing so the two that’s suppose to pull the levers ends up dead and now I’m trapped in this room with no way out. So I restart and figure things out and now I stand by this door where my three hirelings have to pull three levers at the same time so I can walk inside.


Here’s the thing; two of the levers are separated by a door that another lever opens. But instead of the two hirlings trying to pull the one right in front of them, they’re trying to walk through the door (that’s closed) to pull the lever on the opposite side.

There’s nothing like blowing 2 hours and 150 gold store points to figure out that the hirelings are by any definition ‘stupid’.

The only reason why I’m doing it this way is because it takes forever to scrape toghether a whole group that’ll walk through all five quests; it usually ends up being one at the time deals where some want you to redo all the other ones because they didn’t do them yet.

If Santa have a present for me this holiday it would be an AI tweak to the hirelings…just a tiny one that assume the logic of  ‘right in front of me’ as sacrosanct.


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