I have a feeling

It’s not the catchy Black Eyed Peas kind of feeling – more like a – this is going to end badly kind of feeling.

I’ve been around the block. Call me a fast learner. I know enough about bad signs to tell when something can be salvaged by excellent game play or when something is going to end up bleed SP dry and eventually get everyone killed.

You can’t account for the unforeseen – like the disintegration of a pivotal party member when they wasn’t suppose to die. A good party can save the day. A bad one falls apart.

I don’t like to leave quests – before they start or in the middle, but with experience I realize when that point is and I don’t feel like wasting my time in confirming the obvious.

I like support – being the healer, support, nuker – a kind of pivotal all rounded that can slap some faces too. What I don’t like is poor leadership that ignore good advice.

Before I True Reincarnated I ran with a group of experienced players. We played Wizard King. They zerged ahead – I told them I hadn’t done the quest and I tried to stay within range so I could heal. But the very same leader who dismissed me also went far ahead and continued take a lot of hits and the same people scattered before I could buff them. But he dismissed me. I don’t take offence – some people just are too arrogant to understand just how poor their basic leadership is. While you can blame someone for letting you die – but if you’re the one who lets it happen over and over – well then I’d say that you have a basic problem that can’t be blamed on a lone healer.

But then you have those who start groups, run quests they’ve never done before and take no advice from anyone when the party is being put together. Like running tempest spine, just to have the leader not know how to create a raid group – then refuse to listen to advice from experienced members and keep letting people into the raid who can’t really add much to the bottom line. Like 3-4 rogues when you need at least 2-3 healers. At the point I was the only healer and the group was basically full I said good bye. I’m not – as a level 7 caster with 700 SP going to heal an entire raid of very squishy members. I understand inexperience, but I drawn the line when the leader or whomever refuse to listen to others advice; especially when that same leader haven’t done the quest yet.

I understand experienced players lack of patience with new players and I understand the frustration of not knowing a quest – but it’s a fair thing to believe that if your healer is level 20 that he knows what he’s doing – so maybe if stuff goes wrong it’s not JUST the healer or if you don’t know what you’re doing maybe rely on others.

It’s a game of working as a team and group – raids or quests you can’t solo are not who gets to the end boss first wins type of quests. If all you want is to knock skulls and have nothing to do with others, then I suggest you PvP so maybe someone else can knock some sense into you.


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