Small observation.

I just now noticed. Yesterday I ran VON 1-3. So when I checked my blog (left hand side) it lists the quests and accomplishment of my toon. I noticed by hovering over the quest itself (the VON ones) it lists the base XP for Epic. 14k. Jungel of Khyber is hard enough, so I can imagine how tough Epic is going to be. Can’t wait. Only bad thing of course is that you can only run Epic when you hit level 2o, so the base XP might as well be glitter dust for all my toon will care, unless mod 4 or 5 raises the level CAP a smidge and allows all level 20 to enjoy the fruit of their labor (other then finding epic tokens and upgrade their items to epic loot).

Do you smell that?

I smell a challenge. And it’s glorious.


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