Across golden waves of sand

The world have an entirely different hue now. I have come to the cross roads and the road to the end seems so far away. I steel myself. Isn’t this what I wanted? Didn’t I ask to come this far, accomplish these things?
Minos legen seems so heavy. As if I’ve done this so far to be able to wear it and my mantle, but now when I do and the game changes I don’t know where to turn. What to do.
For a moment I stop to look out over the blue glittering ocean. The resort is but a few rooftops away, hidden by red rock and yellow sand. I don’t know why I took the mission. Maybe I came there to rest. But as I sat there drinking wine and wondering, maybe planning for the journey ahead the owner of the place came to me and pleaded that I needed to rescue his daughter. His Jewel.
Everywhere I go the Burdon of my duty, the oath I swore or the fealty to my deity reminds me that while I might take a day off to relax my weary limbs, there’s always something or someone that need me to help them.
Sweat runs down my neck. Red hair glued to my skin. Heavy breath echoing inside the dense volume of my helmet.
I enter the cave to the lighthouse.

Spongy surface of the massive mushroom cushions my side step. I hear the mighty club swoosh by my head. The first troll swung it so heavily it almost came all the way around to swing at me again. The wizard I hired obliterates another troll with a green beam. The tip of my sword encased in blue sizzling flames penetrates the side of the beast and both freezes and burns it at the same time. My weapon – normally encased in orange flames have taken on the look of a burning ice. I upgraded it with the items I got from the Risia Winter games. It will now both burn and freeze – hot and cold emanates from its edge – catharsizes and deep freezes anyone foolish enough to come in contact with it. I have the key. Somewhere in the echoing chambers of these caves is the gate to the lighthouse.
I fall on my knees.
The dwarf and his two minions laugh. The Wizard is knocked out cold. My golem but a pile of crumbled rock. The pain makes my ears ring. Or maybe my ears are ringing because of the pain.
My helmet lies at the bottom of the stairs. Blood. A few drops flattens from the tip of my nose against the stone.
The laughter reverberates without the thick stone walls. He lifts his sword. There’s something cold and dead in his eyes. I fuse my spin. I become a spring. Thick muscles coil inside my legs. The power from my gloves fill me with strength. I launch against him as he raises his sword. My left hand grabs the handle of my sword. It finds the warm stocky flesh of the caster. My shield bashes the guard into a bloody pulp. I grab him, pushing him straight into the wall, forcing the air out of him. His elbow finds the hard plate guarding my neck. The mantles powers engage, grabbing him with stone claws. My fist – plated by gloves ram his face. I quick succession I stun him with a barrage of well placed fists and finish him off with the edge of the shield. In cracks against his thick jaw. Shatters it. I take my shield with both hands and double hand it over his face.
This time it’s his blood that hits the floor. Sprays across the walls. A final smash with the edge ends his life.
I feel drained.
I use the last of my power to heal the hireling. I don’t know why. I could have left him there and never paid for his contract. But I bring him back from the brink of the abyss.
The jewel kiss my cheek. Smiles. Then leaves.
I drag myself up on the roof of the lighthouse. Stabs of bright light hits me. I fall apart in the corner, feeling the rough breeze of salty ocean air slap my face. Thick white bands of whispering waves rolls up on the beach below.
My hand shakes.


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