It’s Slayer, Man

When I hit 12 I started to run rares and slayers more. Stupid me had ALMOST finished Sorrowdusk and about to get 10k when I finished some quests that got me to level 12. So I leveled up instead of sucking it up, go back and finish the slayer (2-3 20 min runs). The result – I only got 5.6k.

This time around I’m thinking I rather finish off some slayer before losing good XP – namely Ataraxia, Restless and the Sands.

Why grind that hard if you’re going to get screwed in the end? I don’t have to worry though – I have to hit level 15 before I lose out and it’s like 300k till level 14 anyways.

Here’s the thing – the one wilderness I like the most and that can give you slayer the fast is Orchard. The worst in my opinion is Restless isles. I’m sure (as I mentioned before) that there are some people who have figured out this super fast way of doing it, but the funny thing (and that kind of support my feeling) is that I see very few if any restless isles rare runs. Maybe because there’s no easy way to quickly (and in 30 minutes) go through it all.

You see a lot more Sands and Ataraxia.

And I’m almost done with Ataraxia. The Sands are a little bit different – there are easy routs to score gnoll and undead rares. Especially the two closest parts. But slayer is different. For undead you have to vacuum the whole sands area and there are very few areas where you have larger mobs. Not like with Ataraxia where you can run into several larger mobs that you can blade barrier to death or as in Orchard where some areas are overrun with undead (corral and fire wall makes that easy). The Gnoll area is a little better – some larger and smaller mobs that you can smack with area effect spells.

So why am I repeating this – I did mention before with some stats about slayer stuff?

First – I can – ain’t that grand? But secondly with the winter games rare and slayer takes on a whole new meaning. Before running the Sands had something to do with finding named items you can either sell for a lot of money for anyone who wants or turn them into Epic items, but now it’s also about finding ANY item to add ice effect too.

That can easily turn into a very lucrative trade – since finding a decent enough weapon in the Orchard and adding up to a frost effect is one ice burst away from a useful level 10 or above weapon. I saw someone trade blip a +1 scimitar with COLD (meaning the lousiest 1 cold dam added). Now that’s not very good. And certainly not appetizing to someone looking for a decent weapon.

I would imagine anyone between say 5-16 would be a nice target for a good weapon until that same person starts running the shroud for green steel. But since it’s P2P I would assume that any F2P player would want a decent weapon that you can only get from running the P2P wilderness.

Me personally I’m hording weapons for my second TR and other toons. Don’t know why – I’m adding frost to any 8 and below weapon and Ice Burst to anything above that. I’m also adding burst to say something that already have flame burst, thundering or maiming.

My hope is to find a good crit weapon with keen/impact or similar that has one good effect so I can ice burst it.

Because I used to sell all that stuff – I mean I’m a FvS – what do I need a +8 keen weapon with destruct? I don’t really need it now either but maybe someone would love a weapon like that with ice burst?

And that’s the whole point of this game and the new venues opening. You find yourself realizing that there are new ways of doing things. I thought I would be down to a couple of good weapons this time around, knowing what worked from last time and suddenly I’m awash with tons of good weapons to pick and choose from. It’s literary night and day compared to before when I ‘plicked’ away at skeletons and such and the only way I could do any damage was to cast searing light; now I can take on most enemies with an array of different weapons. It’s refreshing to cast haste and slice and dice. I’m never going to be a tank – never going to be front line kick @ss and take names kind of toon, but I can do a halfway impression of something that’ll stick a knife or fork in it and see if it’s done.

Thanks Turbine for adding new life to all the weapons but next time tell people not to get rid of their coals and twigs; I have so many recipes that require those and would love to use them up to see what they’re about.


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