Oh my

Man oh man

I’ve been lazy in leveling my bard. Every time I run my bard (selling stuff) I have this impulse to level him. Just one level. Every time I squash it since I don’t feel like committing the time. But now I’m ransacked running my main toon and I just came out of another shroud run. It’s not that I can’t find anything else to do – I did some IQ yesterday, but these are the times when I feel tempted to do something else, while I wait for the shroud timer to run out.

So against my better judgment I decided to see if I couldn’t squeeze out some XP and maybe get halfway to level 7.

What a mistake that was.

To be honest – I have not had a lot of bad experience running with random groups. If I had any bad experience it would be in the early levels when most people are inexperienced and not that sure about quests and their own capabilities. I’m as guilty as charged too – but most of my failure came from not knowing the quests and sometimes it was fun as heck walking right into the thick of it and getting wiped out. Other times it was because of lack of common sense; like doing Kobold Assault on Elite with level 4 guys without lighting res and such.

But that was back when – yesterday I ran with two separate groups that ended up doing similar mistakes; one even directly after failing one quest for the same reason.

I call it tankitis. Meaning the idea that you can solve everything with more force. It’s like adding enough force will solve the issue no matter what.

The second is surgeitis – that tactics are for idiots and if you run into danger fast enough you somehow surprise them. And when people are getting hurt or damage, don’t step back for healing or regroup – run further in until your eventual demise.

Third – don’t listen to suggestion – if someone say that you need a rogue or healer – add more tanks or say something like – why not proof in the poison  – it’s on normal? Or when you get wiped running a level 8 quest when only one is level 7 and the rest 6, try it again without healer or someone who can cast lightning and acid resist – add more tanks. Because if the one bard (me) could not keep up with healing, then adding more people to heal without elemental resist sounds smarter.

I ended up leaving both groups since I knew that if you run say redfang on elite without a rogue, due to all those traps and all that poison you’re pretty much toast (if you’re at similar levels as the quest itself). Without a competent healer and more tanks I didn’t want to waste the time.

The second group started okay; we had two bards and one with three different classes – like a level 4 bard, 1 rogue and 1 fvs. So he could heal and disable some stuff with enough buffs. We managed to do fairly okay through similarly leveled quests but we utterly failed in the House of J haunted library. The issue was that we didn’t have a healer; the multi-class guy left before that quest and our leader invited more tanks. We failed. The acid cloud and the lightning killed us since I could only wand heal and had nothing against those spells. So instead of finding a rogue or healer after getting wiped out the leader found more tanks. And I left.

It’s one thing to not know the quest, make mistakes and the party wipe – but to return to the same quest without a solution to the problem – like someone that can cast elemental resist of the right kind or heal – it’s simply just silly.

So I left. I didn’t feel like wasting resources to enjoy the same end result.

I can’t remember it being that bad when I started. I did remember people listening to suggestions.

Next time I will start my own group since that way I can control how the party is put together.

That’s the ticket.


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