+1 insight?

I ran 2 shroud runs yesterday. Completed close to midnight – sandy eyed and tired. But I figured I would get a heads start on the rapier – adding holy to it so I could hit the altar in Shavarath for tier 2 when I had the stuff.

Up until the time I started to add tier 1 to my rapier I had a dream.

It was a simple dream; no – more like a debate – should I tier 2 my rapier before I tiered 2 my goggles?

Well – I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

So I loaded the recipe in the planner and started putting together the stuff – and just as I applied it there was something in the back of my mind that said  – that ain’t right. I have a voice like that and I usually don’t listen to it unless it’s in the middle of the night and I see someone walking around with a machete.  That have never happened, so obviously I have a time honored tradition to not listen to the voice of ‘you shouldn’t be doing that’.

So now I own a rapier with +1 insight bonus to AC with air affinity. I’m normally not that daft – daft in the sense that I would create a recipe and then reading wrong off it to create the stuff needed to upgrade – so when I looked it over it seems that when I saved last it saved over my ‘good rapier’ recipe with some kind of boots with +5 to reflex as tier 1 – and apparently on the weapon side that’s the air +1 to insight.

What irks me is not that I suddenly have a rapier I don’t really need, can’t give away or plan to use, but that it really stabs a vicious dagger into the heart of my plans and the time I’ve spent to put together all the stuff to first create the rapier and then upgrade it.

I hope I am the only one so my example of stupidity can serve as a warning to all, but it still doesn’t help the pain.

the thing is this – it’s easy enough to replace the shard and the tier one stuff. It’s even easy enough to run all those vale quests again for the signet stone and the stuff needed – but getting a large horn  needed for the rapier is either 7 mill in the AM or hoping to in 20 plus shroud runs get another one anytime soon. I’m having a hard enough time getting ANY medium or large devil scales but I have to compete with my goggles for them.

I really can’t feel good about this. I created a rapier completely outside any use for me. And that’s a very painful thing to do.

The silver lining – it adds 1 more point to my AC – would I ever feel like using it.


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