2 step back, one step forward

I love people who know every aspect of a game. Like telling you that they have several 14 level toons and you don’t need the extra bank slots. I guess it’s true if you have several level 14 toons. I personally only have 11 toons with one level 19 TR. I didn’t get the memo that I didn’t need those bank slots.

The reason why of course was because he wanted us to run redwillow instead of house of K quests.

Not saying that he or she didn’t know what they were talking about – but when it comes to most things I’m only expert in one; whatever I need for my toon and the quest I’ve run to death. And healing.

I know healing.

I don’t mind blowing 100 heal scrolls if it gets me where I need to go. Or 2400 SP. Or 900 on the one I’m leveling now. The one who ran with the expert.

I’ve noticed one thing tho – a high degree of flim flam. Someone kept casting grease earlier and when asked to stop he/she said it’s only a game.

I understand. It is only a game. But when toons die, quest fail and I’ve blown wands and scrolls it’s more than just a game. I’ve wasted time and resources. If it’s just a game I suggest people who want to waste a lot of time accomplishing nothing group up and grease each others to death.

I don’t mean to sounds irritated. But I do. Earlier I ran with my main toon and it was smooth as it can be. Level 16 plus group with a bunch of mature, efficient players that knew how to play and how to play together. Despite some rough spots it was fast and we accomplished what we wanted in less time.

And that’s really what it’s about; I don’t run things like Vale quests because I love em – I do it so I can get the stuff I need. I don’t grind quests over and over to blow 2 hours without anything to show for it. At one time we run these things for super fun – and I don’t mind anyone trying to grease me at level 19 when we’re not dependent on the time and XP, but at level 8 while trying to heal a group I rather not.

So that was my day – 2 different groups. Not always fun. But I was only there to heal and gain XP. That’s all.


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