While running – 20 happened

I managed to hit 20 by completing Orchard slayer (7500) and the Vale (3000/5000). I did so by adjusting my basic strategy to include a few more rare places in the Orchard and getting off the hireling drip in the Vale.

Before I TR’d I accomplished Orchard slayer by running Zombie train through rare rat in the tomb by temple of Vol. I would assume that this is a very common run for most solo Wilderness runs and probably a few groups. It captures most rares in under 30 minutes and nets a good 100-150 slayer.

I expanded it to include the mummy in the tomb by the further off waterfall and the rare wraith in the grave yard netting for most part around 200 per run. This naturally meant that the run was expanded to about 45 minutes but the end goal was to accomplish max slayer as quickly as possible.

My basic Vale run before I TR’d was me, my hireling and the use of a curse spewing crossbow and destruction. Trust me – at the time it sounded almost like a good idea and I even added enlarge to be able to un-quicken the use of my destruction or Banishment to kill off critters before they could even touch me. Safe to say it was wasteful strategy. That was before my SP cloak and the rest of my good items and higher AC.

I don’t even use my hireling now a days since I seldom enter close combat and I don’t need haste to move fairly fast (30% speed boots). The best and easiest strategy is to pull and destroy mobs using blade barrier (enhanced by a superior potency item). It’ll kill most low HP critters in one hit and larger ones in 2-3. Orthons and Bearded Devils will even take damage when teleporting through the BB. For stragglers and critters with superior evasion (or similar) I use banishment and destruction. And to top off a straggler with some health left I can always use Searing light or for a few more, firestorm.

All in all it’s a easy, quick 30 minute romp that net me a lot of slayer.

The good thing about hitting 20 (except for level cap free unlimited cure light enhanced with metas to heal for 50-200 a pop) is that I can now skip past all the slayer mobs and go for rares only.

Like in the Sands. If you’ve ever run slayer in the undead, gnoll and drow areas you know it’s a slow slug. Slow because the drow area and undead area are sprawls so if you want to maximize slayer you also need to vacuum the whole area. Compared to Vale or Orchard where mobs are plentiful around rares and it’s easy to hit 100 or more under 30 minutes. I no longer have to worry about it – so it’s just a simple matter of going for rares and skip all the single critters in between. That have allowed me to make the Sands undead area in 15 (still want that ring of spell storing) and it allows me to run the most important parts of Orchard and Vale under 30 – which is all you really want to invest in a loot run anyways.

I also managed to complete a messy shroud run – that ended fairly well due to my new and very SP intense strategy – where I use mass cure light for about 100-200 SP while my mass heal cools down and then mass heal for 300-1000 HP in between.

It’ll run through my 2700 SP in one round (part 4) but it’ll allow fighters to stay when the blades come in so that the next round will be much shorter.

It also helps greatly in part 5 where I can use mass heal un-quickened as long as I also back it my with the mass-cure light. And if I remove maximize and live with the 50-150 cure light instead it’ll last me even longer.

I created my good rapier in the same run – adding Holy and Holy burst to it but tier 3’s going to have to wait since I need to finish off my goggles first (smoke II takes two supreme shards and twice the stuff).

And today as I took my rapier for a spin (trying it out some more) I ran Ghola-Fan and FINALLY got the mask (Royal Guard mask) with the 1 teleportation clickie. FINALLY!


If I could only find ring of spell storing and Mystical Bauble I will be one happy camper.


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