Shavarth blues

I ran Sins of Attrition and a new invasion today and it was truly an nice experience. I can’t say that I loved any of the quest but that’s usually how things are. The funny thing is that Sins was a massive SP sponge of a run but the end was somewhat easy, while a new invasion was a easy run until the end when the devil had us wiped twice and we had to go back.

What finally got him was a BB strategy of laying out blade barriers, run, leap of faith, remove curse and heal and keep running. We died plenty of times but it was me and another FvS that more or less won the day since our tanks kept falling from the endless barrage of curse and hard hitting spells. It took longer than it had to but we finished it.

I didn’t get anything from that quest but I ended up with Torin’s Choker – (Necklace) Superior Potency VI, Wizardry VI and Kormor’s Belt – (Belt) Wild Mage Surge (CL:15, 3/3), Archmagi, Confounding Enchantment from sins. I definitely wanted Torin’s since the set bonus lower the cost of Maximize and Extend but Kormor is okay as well since Archmagi gives me 400 SP (as suppose to my current Wizard VI 300SP). So I now have 2800 SP, which is nice. The good thing here is that I can now remove my cloak at times for other alternatives like a greater cold resist cloak if need be without dropping 450SP.

The nice thing about Torin’s is that I can now drop my sup Potency mace and concentrate on healing and taking names at the same time; before I kind of had to back off and heal away since my mace didn’t do squat. It’s not ideal – I still don’t have a wis +6 (other than my necklace but that means going without the choker) item so I will have to check for one before my next run; it’s a world of difference between using destruction without the additional wis and with.


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