I was fortunately in this past week to run several quests and finally get the stuff I need. On top of that – I broke down and wasted pretty much all my gold on buying the ring of spellstoring only to find out that I had read it wrong and it didn’t provide 5SP +5SP per level. It was 5SP +5SP of level of item (4). So 3 25SP clickies.


That’s 75SP in total.


Do I feel stupid for paying 400k plat for 75SP?


Yes I do. I should have continued grinding because I don’t need it. Had it been 105SP per clickie, yes. The only thing that would make it worth it is to make it Epic. But I read up on it and the Epic seems to be more of a grind than something useful. It’s enough of a grind to try to get rare items including doing shroud runs. But having to try to find 3 specific things like a seal, shard and scroll and the scroll being a drop free for all rather that drop in chest – not cool. At least I have the mysterious Bauble and I use it directly after I buff. Ill’ll get on average about 300 something out of it and that’ll cover most of the buff cost. Add another 400k plat 75SP (don’t laugh) and it’ll add some more.


I have also found some really nice items out of Amrath that I mentioned a couple of posts ago but I have also managed to find other things and tonight I will run another Shroud completion and finally tier 3 my straight positive rapier and add Holy Blast.


My Precious(ies)

Royal Guard Mask – (Helmet) Teleport (CL:9, 1/rest) [ML:11]  – I like this one but I think I will look for another one. Reason being is that one is seldom enough when you want to sell stuff and I don’t feel like wasting good gold on your basic trader. If I could find it once I’m sure I can find it twice.

Intricate Field Optics – (Goggles) Spot +13, Secret Door Detection, Wisdom +2 – I use this one for now but will replace it as soon as I cleanse my GS goggles.

Torin’s Choker – (Necklace) Superior Potency VI, Wizardry VI, Warchanter Set Bonus. I love this one and would love to run ToD to find the matching ring. (see wantz em)

Kormor’s Belt – (Belt) Wild Mage Surge (CL:15, 3/3), Archmagi, Confounding Enchantment, Set Bonus – the wild surge can be both good and silly. Sometimes I get useful stuff such as barkskin and Heroism but I also get stuff like 2 cure light in a row and underwater breathing. Still – I use it for the Archmagi – that’s 400SP (or 100 more than what I used to have).

Bloodstone – (Trinket) Seeker +6  – invaluable even for me since I solo some quests and wilderness areas. I’m looking forward to see the difference when I add holy blast to my rapier.

Dusk Heart – (Trinket) Improved False Life, Dusk – I switch to this when I’m heal botting and sometimes in areas where I don’t have to rely on bloodstone for additional melee damage.

Ring of Spell Storing – (Ring) Exclusive, Spell Store (CL:4, 3/rest) – I’m an idiot for reading it wrong and paying so much for it, but the epic version is very appealing.

Chaosgarde – (Bracers) Chaosguard, Dodge Bonus +2 [Lawful only, UMD:20]  – still use em for that additional AC but If I can find a good replacement I’ll probably stop using it.

Mysterious Bauble – (Trinket) Major Mnemonic Aid (CL:15, 1/1), Wizardry VI [ML:18, BTC, Exclusive]  – Good for about 300 SP in average and an excellent way of filling up on SP after buffs.

Shimmering Arrowhead – (Trinket) Crippling, Seeker +4, Attack Bonus +2 [ML:18, BTC]  – I really don’t use it but it would probably be more useful if I TR as a ranger.

Bracers of the Glacier – (Bracers) Glacial Assault, Spell Penetration VIII, Archmagi, Fire Shield(Cold) – another item I banked but don’t use. Maybe if I TR as a caster of sorts

Ring of Thelis – (Ring) Efficient Metamagic – Empower II, Wizardry VII, Spell Resistance (22) – pulled it the other day – I now use it instead of ring of balance (when healing)

Tumbleweed – (Ring) To-Hit Bonus +2, Dexterity +6, Tumble +10 – don’t use it but it seems like a good ring for a rogue

Ring of Lies – (Ring) Diplomacy +13, Charisma +4, Bluff +11, Haggle +10, Perform +10 – used it more before, now it’s Dip and bluff buff when needed

Stormreaver’s Napkin – (Cloak) Intelligence +6, Spell Focus Mastery +1 – don’t use it due to my GS SP cloak

Bubble Belt – (Belt) Water Breathing (CL:5, 3/rest), Underwater Action, Swim +10 – excellent for those nice long underwater swims (that we all love so much)

Blue Dragonplate Armor – (Armor) +5 Full Plate (AB:14), Spell Penetration VII, Greater Arcane Lore, Potency VII, Greater Lightning Resistance

Minos Legens – (Helmet) Toughness, Heavy Fortification [ML:11, BTC]

Spectral Gloves – (Gloves) Ethereal, Dexterity +5, Attack Bonus +2

Add to that 3 current GS items, one that I cant use due to the taint of Shavarath (and I’m about 12 completions away from the stone of cleansing)

Rapier with Holy, Holy Burst and soon Holy Blast. Combine it with another rapier I have and bloodstone and even I can do some major damage.

My 450 SP cloak

Goggles with greater fire, +5 lighting resist and +10 Fire resist (secondary effect permanent blur). I have only managed to get it to tier 2 but I should be able to hit tier 3 by the time I have run 20 completions (with some extra mat runs without completions)


Wanz em

Light and Darkness – (Shield) +5 Large Shield, Superior Stability, Protection +4, Resistance +4, DR 3/-, Adamantine, Mithral, Suppressed Power – the suppressed power being Epic DR/5 I think. I want it strictly because it’s Mithral, light and add more AC to the bottom line. Plus with built in protection so I don’t have to worry about spells or other items for deflection bonus to AC.

Icy Raiment – (Robe) Dodge Bonus +4, Protection +4, Resistance +3 – I don’t need it for this toon but I might dabble with Monk or a couple of Monk levels in my next TR. I heard it’s the way to go. I pulled it once but there were other Monks in the party so I was nice enough to let it go.

Beholder Optic Nerves – (Necklace) Spot +7, Search +7, Absorbs Behold Spells (8/rest) – good to have when running quests that include Beholders.

Gloves of the Glacier – (Gloves) Glacial Assault, Efficient Metamagic – Maximize II, Efficient Metamagic – Extend II – Good thing to have for the less Maximize and Extend cost, but can be replaced by the better warchanter band.

Madstone Shield – (Shield) +5 Tower Shield (Max Dex: 3, DR: 11, ACP:-7), Shield Proficiency: Tower Shields – want it for the higher  AC but it’s either this or the light and darkness

 Tenderizer – (Weapon) +5 Morningstar, Adamantine, Impact, Weighted 5%, Strength +2 – I read that it’s a good thing to have weighted weapons in Epic quests.

Chattering Ring – (Ring) Spot +13, Dodge Bonus +3, Move Silently -10 – stacks with ring of balance and other dodge bonuses (except another +3 dodge bonus item). Nice for the additional AC

Gyroscopic Boots of Striding – (Boots) Balance +10, Striding +30% – I have striding +30% boots but it requires higher UMD (for dwarf). This would be better.

Kormor’s Ring – (Ring) Intelligence +6, Confounding Enchantment, Wild Mage, Incredible Potential [ML:18, BTC, Exclusive] – I don’t need it for the combo bonus (When both items are equipped all of your Level 8 and lower spells gain +2 to the die roll to penetrate target’s Spell Resistance) since my armor have something similar (VII)

Warchanter’s Band – (Ring) Charisma +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Warchanter, Incredible Potential [ML:18, BTC, Exclusive] – (When both items are equipped you will gain an additional bard songs after resting, Maximize Spell costs 4 Spell Points less, and Extend Spell will cost 1 Spell Point less). That’s awesome and a must have. I currently already use a Char +6 item so this will be a perfect replacement. Add +2 Char Ex Bonus and it’s a done deal.

Sorrel (Shield) +5 Large Shield, Protection +4, Resistance +4 – an alternative to light and darkness and madstone shield and a pain to grind for.

Skiver – (Weapon) +5 Dagger, Archmagi, Greater Arcane Lore, Efficient Metamagic – Extend I, Efficient Metamagic – Empower II – This is less and less of an priority to me but I can use it at level 14 as suppose to Kormor’s belt and the other things I’ve pulled.

Epic Ring of Spell Storing – (Ring) Empty Colorless Augment Slot, Major Mnemonic Aid{CL:15, 3/3 rest} – Given that the current ring isn’t all I thought it was cracked up to be I wouldn’t mind making the epic version as soon as possible.

Epic Spectral Gloves – (Gloves) Ethereal, Dexterity +7, Attack Bonus +4, Empty Yellow Augment Slot – I like the current spectral gloves and could only consider doing this if I find another pair.

Epic Bloodstone – (Trinket) Seeker +8 – I only need to find a second one but this would be truly epic.

Epic Duskheart (Trinket) Superior False Life, Dusk, Empty Colorless Augment Slot, Empty Yellow Augment Slot, Death Ward {CL:7, 1/1 rest}


Each items make it that much easier to solo certain quests. I’m currently soloing blood for another pair of spectral gloves. It’s a fairly brisk 20 minute run or less if not completing. I can do it for most part without shrining.


I’m also trying to solo certain Vale quests. I’ve done rainbow with or without a hireling and without hireling is a lot easier since I can always cast blur on myself. Blade barrier and pull works like a charm – 2 BB’s if I deal with rusties since I don’t want to risk getting hit while trying to jump over them. I don’t do any of the optionals (except for the hidden chests behind the dropping floor puzzle).


I’ve managed to do it without wasting mana pots due to the free cure light and my bauble and the only pain is the end boss – pain as in attration – I’m glad that it can’t heal itself unlike the dude out of Running with Devils.


Blade barriers will take care of golems, scorpions, Orthons and bearded devils; implosion and good ol’ close quarter hair pulling for the Gnolls.  I’ve also had good luck in using destruction on the first beholder – it usually have it’s ‘back’ turned against me so all I do is to put my wis +6 item on and nuke it. If that doesn’t work it’s best to switch over to Silver Flame Talisman (Necklace – Negative Energy Absorption (10/rest), Deathblock, Protection From Evil) and run in sluggin’.


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