The hunt

I sprint. Heavy armored boots clattering up a smooth ramp illuminated by green orbs. I see the outline of someone hiding in the shadows – my vision, enhanced by true seeing captures the glow of the Drow as it jumps at me. I skillfully sidestep and block the dagger with one rapier and sever it’s spine with the other. Holy fire slices through its body crashing into the leather armor with thundering force. I don’t have to guess if the Drow is dead – if it’s alive it won’t come after me again. The man scorpion raises itself on the hind legs – insectiod clattering of the legs sharp tip draws sparks as it stabs down into the rock. Pincers snap at me and I dodge – blocking another with both my rapiers before I slash across the exposed area under its pincer armpit. It draws ichor that freezes as the frost elemental power burns through its body and my other rapier stabs through the neck, severing most of it as the creature slumps to the right.


I’m past it – launching myself towards one of its brethren. My hireling screams behind me. Not in pain, but in fear. He dashes through the blade barrier without getting harmed as the Drows chasing him disappears in a mist of blood and torn flesh.


We run. The Drow chasing us. Relentless. The grinding of metal drowning in the growls and hisses from behind and the occasional sudden dying scream in pain as the unfortunate run into the left behind blade barriers.


My mind is steel. The pain in my exhausted body becomes fuel. Divine force boil inside me as my diety burn in my mind. Pushing me forward. Soaks itself in vengeful wrath.


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