A New Invasion

A new invasion can be rewarding; it’s close to the portal drop off point in Amrath (but you have to gauntlet through thieflings, Orthons and Bearded Devils). And if the party wipes there’s a portal that opens up just at the beginning of the quest that’ll take you to a shrine right above the drop down to the bad guys chamber.

You got 1.30 to find holes in the floor to go through 2 floors and then eventually the boss chamber.

Word of advice – stick together. There’s plenty of nasty critters in here that’ll mince meat stragglers.

Optional chests drops large stuff for crafting (I just pulled a large devils scale) and you can find the different named items that you can pair up with the rings from ToD.

The mobs up to the end boss can be challenging dependent on the party but they’re controlled if you work and stick together. The end boss is the pain.

The first time I ran it the leader said that all we had to do was to run together and move when the ‘hole’ opens up underneath you.

About 30 seconds after we all dropped down the whole group had died. I guess he forgot to mention that the hole or the devil spawns curses that stops your ability to heal.

So one staid in while the others healed up and got back. The second time we tried another approach – running, putting down BB’s and run some more. It wasn’t a BB spam plan, more like res the fighter and run like heck kind of plan. Oh BTW – lay down some BB’s. Here’s the thing – as soon as the devil hits one of your BB’s he gets kind of p!ssed at you. And that’s bad news for a healer/support.

But me and the other FvS had a plan. We would drop down, spam BB’s, remove curse, heal ourselves and keep moving. And so we did.

The second time I ran it (just recently) I decided to go with that plan (the leader wanted us to run together and keep on smacking) because I knew the whole ‘let’s hit him’ doesn’t work so good for a group that lacks super DPS and work coordinated.

So I spammed BB’s – jumped over holes, removed curse, used my free cure light and heal for hits.

I set those up on 1 through 4 so I could hit them as quickly as possible without having to use the mouse. I admit that I didn’t res anyone – but true res takes time – and that means the devil will catch up with you and smack you down.

I also used a quickened remove curse as suppose to a remove curse pot. It can be devastating to stop for 1 or 2 seconds to drink the potion. All and all it worked out well – we got through the quest kind of quickly (missed a few optional chests) and I didn’t die at the final boss. The end results was 1 large devils scale and 2 different named belts. Not too shabby!


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