Death Walks

I stared at the ring. 4 million gold and it only provided a smidgeon of divine force. Like scooping your hands into a barrel of pure water to end up with enough to wet your lips. It pained me. So now I had to run in the dark of old tunnels looking for enough items to attune and add hardening armor to my shield; searching old tunnels for mushrooms and dust.

There was no challenge here. Small gray Oozes obliterated when my searing light hit them. I strangled a Kobold to death with one hand. His clawed hands scraped against the scale armor. Eyes bulging. Floor littered with other creatures from his tribe. His guttural yark echoed through the tunnels. Lonely and scared. It had seen me burn 7 of his tribe to cinders with a fire storm.

I didn’t pity the creature. They fed off weaker heroes that stumbled across them. They preyed on innocent people and dragged then down into the sewers at night.

It’s neck snapped and I dropped it as easily as I had picked it up. I didn’t kill it in malice. I felt no anger or no rage. Just annoyed. Annoyed that instead of facing the hordes of the Amrath or the critters of the Vale I had to skulk around in dank smelly tunnels looking for items to strengthen my shield.

Nothing heroic. Death came to spiders and Kobolds alike without much effort. They sprang at me – unaware that I was beyond their little minds to comprehend. Their shamen tried to hold me in vain. Tried to curse me. Tried to kill me with lightning that dissipated against my blue dragon scale with as much as a spark. The died – destruction evaporated them, Implosion pulled their corporal bodies onto themselves and vanished in a dark flash. Dead was instant, clean and painful.

Not even their leader could stand up against me. I swept them in front of me – swatting them like flies. Without malice. Without rage. I felt nothing – as if they were a afterthought – an annoying mosquito while looking for specific items.

All because I spent all my gold on a ring that couldn’t even wet my appetite for the divine force.

Death walked the tunnels – and soon enough the Oozes, spiders and Kobolds knew it and fled into the cracks and crevasses until death had gone.


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