So yesterday I did two things; ran through the smoothest and a very fast shroud run, while having a discussion with my wife. Not easy, but the people I ran with made it easy which is underscored by the possibility of having an interaction with my wife that would normally lead to ‘are you not listening to me’.

Second – I ran my first Epic quest – Von 1. I assume it’s the easiest since that’s what most people run. I’ve read a lot about what people have to say and I agree with most of it; Epic quests are not very epic. It’s more Epic amount of HP – where I (with a tier 3 GS holy rapier) smacked away at a KOBOLD for almost a minute and had to get help from tanks to kill it.

If by Epic you’re talking about Epic saves, Epic HP and Epic hit dice, it’s Epic alright. All so that I can open a Epic chest, get one Epic token and chance for ANY Epic seal or shard. That is so I can upgrade one of the items I have. Only problem is that by ANY I mean ANY. There’s currently three quest chains that offer Epic quests; Sands, Von and the new Sentinels. If I want spectral gloves I need to run a Blood offering and if I want Duskheart I have to find the right rare in the Sands wilderness. Which seems logical to me – these special items out of those special locations.

There’s naturally a grind involved trying to get those item – I tried for the longest time to get the spell storing ring and finally caved and bought it. But here’s the rub – I can get the seal, the scroll and the shard out of any quest. That sounds good in a way; I mean I can locate the ‘easiest’ Epic quest and grind it day out and day in until I pull the shard I need. The issue and the rub is that I can pull ANY – meaning the list of possible combination increases every time the release a new quest or quest chain with Epic level content. So in other words – the likelihood that I will pull any of the three items needed to upgrade ONE specific named item gets smaller and smaller, leading to an even worse grind than say trying to get the firestone greaves which only drops out a specific rare chest in the Wilderness.

On top of that the scrolls are dropped from mobs, open for anyone to snatch em.

Imagine a group where most will be fair and either roll for a scroll or give it to the one who need it. Imagine a raid where you might know some people but not all and try to get one person to give up their scroll. I imagine that for most cases people will be somewhat fair, but that’s not always going to be true.

I never felt that the quest was Epic – using subjugation or weighted weapons to stun opponents so you can gang up on one and grind them down is not Epic; it’s a tactic. A tactic based on save and attrition.  And the likelihood of getting one shard, seal or scroll is tiny at best.

I don’t mind certain grinds; shroud, quests because eventually you get something; but to run a quest and get low level non epic loot and a possible item to upgrade with and most likely not the one you want is underwhelming.

I thought Epic would be fighting large mobs against high odds and not uber HP opponents in what amounts to HP grind for the item grind that follows. At this pace I’ll be really old before I ever get my hand on something useful.

I’m disappointed for sure – I’d love to suit up to have the gear and resolve to run Epic but I’m wondering if I haven’t worked so hard to put together my item list and green steel stuff to feel like I’m doing this to win the lottery. And we know just how small that chance is to do that.


3 thoughts on “Epic

    1. patang01

      Yes I have, but that’s because they listened to the community and made Epics less about grinding HP.

      There’s no more CC and woo woo for 2 minutes. Some Epics are tougher than others; Esnitch is pretty straight forward, where as e small problem have a pain of a end fight. But that’s how it should be.


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