Eardweller ninja and my shield

Ran my second mindsunder with an excellent group of people that resulted in a pull of the shield. It’s pretty ecstatic to pull the one item I’ve been wanting on the second try so that means one less quest I have to farm over and over. Considering it takes 24 essences to unlock it’s suppressed powers (and 24 more for the gloves but it’s not something I really need) I have my farming cut out for me. We then ran the eye of the titan where you can get the eardweller. And after a long and painful treck where I spent countless heal scrolls keeping everyone alive (elite) the eardweller actually popped. First run!

What I didn’t realize was that it’s a drop and not in the actual chest so anyone can pick it. And as I was debating about picking it up I asked if we should roll but the caster in the group ninjaed it. Sorry, the second caster in the group.

So now I’m running it solo on hard. Apparently it’s a slight but larger chance if you run it on elite but trust me – that’s not for me. Since it only drops on hard and elite I’m taking whatever slight chance I have to make it happen and I’m not running with a group since the last thing I need is another ninja.

The only plan in town is blade barriers and run for it. And it’s always down to the wire eventhough I have 2800 SP. Those dream creatures have major HP and the end guy will give you char damage galore. And there are some creatures that’ll wound curse you too – meaning a curse that prevents you from healing.

But at least blur seems to help against hits so I run around dropping BB’s, scrolling blur,  restoration, drink remove curse pots free cure light (probably for a good 5 minutes) and try to nail the end boss with a few searing lights.

I’m 0-2 eardwellers and if the drop rate is as low as they say, it’ll be a good 40-50 runs before I have another chance.

But I’ll get it. It’s quite boring tho – I could use my rapiers to slug it out but it’s at my peril so for now it’s jump, BB, jump BB etc for a good 20 minutes for the whole ordeal.

Over and over and…

I also finished my first ToD – with 2 total re-tries. We finally got it when we figured out a much better plan – you truly need to know this quest since there are a lot of ways to get wiped.

Now that I know it I also know not to turn my backs on the shadows since they’re insta killers.

Note to self – if you’re going to do this load up on remove curse pots and heal scrolls. You’ll need it to maintain a steady drop of mass heals and spot heals and remove curses.

In the end only one single ring dropped amongst the 12 of us so it wasn’t REALLY worth it, but I’ve been told that you get to chose between 20 rings when you run your 20th so maybe I’ll have to wait that long J


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