Epic grind, no more

So I read a thread with someone suggesting that Epic shroud might be around the corner and some suggestion on how to make it Epic and that the 6th part (EPIC!) has some kind of device that cleansed out the setting of your existing GS and makes it more bad @ss. So you can upgrade it again.

Interesting thought.

Here’s the thing; why make a grind even more of an grind?

So your regular axe that can crit for 600 can now crit for 700-800?

I wouldn’t mind a Epic level portal after part 5. So you can run the regular grind without Epic all the way since that would be both time consuming and a caster/healer resource wipe.

Having a 6th Epic portal to go through for a EPIC showdown where you can add tier 4 (more SP/HP to items and something like vorpal, improved curse spewing, destruct etc to a weapon as suppose to MEGA blast!!!!) that’s relatively short like adq2 – it’s going to be a grind since you need to collect HUGE components that can’t be sold in the AH anyways.

But here’s a better suggestion – add up to level 25 or 30 content. Push the limit. Introduce a high level area where people with insane toons with insane items can try them out and be challenged.

To make everything Epic just grounds all gear to 20 with absolutely no upside. And it dilutes the pool of items for the insane grind to constantly running the same quests over and over to maybe be able to upgrade something.


That makes games boring, tedious and pointless. Challenge comes through new environment – to fight the unknown with the uber gear you just put together.

A huge sprawling new adventure area with rare like dragons, uber devils and even more random roaming mobs.

Make it the testing ground for all your new items and worth all the grind that got you there.

Otherwise what else are you going to do when you get your new EPIC GS axe? Run the same epic quest and see it hit harder?

That’s not satisfaction; that’s grinding to get an item so you can grind the same quest again but a little better.

Give me that feeling of Orchard all over again, but this time with a sense of REAL epicness.



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