Scale hunt

I’m not going to pretend that what I did was much of an accomplishment since I know that people run this quest (solo) on elite. But for me it served 2 purposes – I could do it and secondly I got what I wanted.

A new invasion is somewhat of a pain to run – the trip there can be intense but it’s not too bad. It’s a lot of random corridors for 3 levels before end boss and it gets progressively worse from trogs on the first floor (with some bearded), then more hard hitting stuff and finally everything from golems to air ellies and fire ellies.

Luckily for me the subsequent floors are somewhat smaller in scope. You only have 1:30 but that should be enough – enough to die at the end boss and return to perhaps kick his @ss before the quest resets.

I died once and that was because I ended up getting debuffed by a beholder mini boss that completely fried me when I tried to go toe to toe. I bought and spent a cake but for me that was well worth it. But for the future I’ll remember to put my necklace on. Ironically I ended up soloing the boss without my potency necklace on and I still managed to do it without drinking a pot – that would’ve been 50% more damage so I must’ve managed to lay down a couple of critting BB’s in the process.

The end boss is pretty much a matter of running around, putting down BB’s, remove curse and heal. And hope you don’t get triple cursed (cursed wound so you can’t heal until you remove it) before you have a chance to heal yourself. I was smart – I used remove curse pots rather than wasting SP on remove curse spell – the downside is that you slow down as you drink it – ending up being cursed again sometimes but leap of faith works nice in those situation. I recommend do a leap of faith, remove curse and heal.

Again – this was on normal – not much of a big deal since there are plenty of people who do this on elite. But I don’t care – I pulled a large devil scale out of the chest before final boss (that I managed to knock with a knock scroll) so I’m very happy. Not that the end loot is anything special other than maybe some of those unique belts and necklaces; I ran it mostly to see if I could and to have a chance to pull a large scale.

Mission accomplished.


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