Armor of Guard

There’s a difference; you run with a crew that is losely put together of people that know their stuff but don’t really know what to do – so people run ahead, gets separated and waste a lot of time.

It’s just time; but when you have taken one of those medium jewels that increase chance for better loot you kind of want to actually get loot. On top of that we ran it on casual so I didn’t get a rune the first run but 2 in the Monestary; except for the fact that one was enhanced str skill +3 and the other fearsome. So worthless.

Then I ran with another group – much better experience. We ran Monestary again and this group was great. It was quick, efficient and we got all the loot. Where the group spent 20 minutes unlocking the runes this one was done with the puzzle and the runes in less then 3. In fact I didn’t even have a chance to drop down and shrine up before they were done. Then we kited the end boss around and it was done in 3 minutes – with the two runes I got char +3 skill first and I felt tempted since it’ll add to my haggle skill but I used my other rune and got heavy fortification. Now I feel tempted finding a better helmet. But I would really like death block. Do I want to continue grind to get it or should I settle with it?

I do want to replace the magma guard since it doesn’t really proc that often. I ended up running SoS with a excellent group and it was quick, brutal and very nice. I replaced greater combustion with air guard. Not very useful and it doesn’t seem to proc that often, but it’s another guard.

So I’m tempted to add fire guard as tier 3 on my goggles. That would add cold shield from my bracers, magma guard and air guard from the armor and fire guard on my goggles when they’re done.

And why not make boots or gloves of guard? Mix 2 different guard effects for maxium punishing but do I want to waste twice as many large on tier 3 just because I like to play with it? If I had 3 level 20 guys that ran one shroud every day – maybe. We’ll see if I can get my hands on the green blade for greater arcane lore so I can test run my armor more.


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