I haven’t run as much lately – real life stuff! It’s not for lack of wanting tho. But I did run my 18th shroud and upgraded my goggles to tier 3. It took double the amount of mats since I did a smoke II upgrade. That gives me permanent blur and I opted for the additional +10 fire resist over fire guard; having played some of the upper end quests with fire related critters I feel that more fire resist seems to help over the 1d8 fire damage.  I can’t use the goggles at the same time as my cloak since I haven’t cleansed it yet. But I try to switch over to it as soon as my SP drops below 2500 (I get 300 additional from the cloak and I have 2800) but its a pain since I have to remember to switch when shrining. It helps – the additional elemental protection helps (50 fire) and the permanent blur. It also gives me 2 clickies of 1.30 min worth of displacement. Add stone skin from my rapier and I’m well protection for a while. So 2 more runs to get my stone of cleansing and 1 more after that to actually cleanse it and I can use both at the same time at their full effect.

I do want to get myself a different cloak; maybe it sounds like I’m wasting mat here, but I’d like to get myself different cloak that provides me with 50 and 100 sp while adding a different effect since my glacier assault bracers already cover the wizard VI effect (it has archmagi). It feels like I’m wasting an effect. Plus I could invest in a better more usefull stackable skill, like Charisma – that would improve my haggle and diplomacy; right now I’m improving my con skill – which doesn’t seem to do that much.

I’d lose earthgrab and stone ellies but I can always carry it on me for a quick click over. The only question is if I should go for a straight elemental or alligned effect (say air or positive) or a cross over for something like concordian.

I ran another tower of despair as well. A very nice group. Good DPS and smooth run despite some snags. Only a few died along the way but not critical to the overall performance and I pulled the warpriest ring. I only have 3 ToDs under my belt so I have to run it at least nine times to get enough fragments to upgrade the ring. But right now I have an additional +2 attack and +6 in wis (with +1 exceptional strength). 6 additional times from now I’ll have another +2 in wis. I haven’t seen a humongous difference in DC when I use destruction, but I didn’t expect it either since I have other +6 wis items. I try to use it with a necromancy +1 item but it’s still not the best DC and I wonder how that will change with having wis +8 and perhaps a +2 necromancy item? Maybe I simply have to respec in my next TR to have even more wisdom. But like with every single attribute you maximize, it comes a time when you can’t really have enough of anything since the critters you face already have so much that not even a relativly maxed out spec can do anything.

That’s why I use energy drain; so the benefit by having more wisdom might in the end be that I can use one level drain instead of 2 before using destruction. I’m going to have to check on that.


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