Things we like

I sometimes end up blabbing with people before or after a quests; things we don’t like, things we like or the ‘in your face’ where people show what cool items they have and I end up showing them some sturdy D bolts, we also talk about quests we hate. Like I HATE the pit and coal chamber – a HATRED I think a lot of us share. And there are of course always some that love it because they know it like the back of their hand and have developed strategies that makes them manageble and doesn’t take a million years.

I like soloing a new invasion for the same reason I like to solo irestone (back when I was low level). They’re fairly large quests but can be over in 30-45 minutes. There’s a lot of different opponents that require solid tactics and it can be very rewarding; 5+ chests in each and in the case of a new invasion – shroud mats and special named ones.

You’re not going to get rich farming irestone, but you are going to get a decent amount of XP and appropriate level stuff that you can either sell or keep.

I can think of several similar quests and wilderness – that are lucrative, can be finished within an hour despite a certain randomness and provide enough XP to be worth it.

I prefer to do a new invasion over a weapons shipment. You can solo both and both have a certain amount of linearity to them, but the pace of the weapon shipment is pretty slow and there’s only one chest in the end.

You could argue the same about a new invasion due to the random nature of the 3 floors, but unless you stand around a lot you’ll find critters in almost every room, a couple of intense ambushes and several rare encounters on each floor – requiring many different tactics and it’s hectic and intense. You could of course use invisibility and skip straight through most of it. Or you could make the best of it and loot as many chests as possible for maximum run.

A new Invasion unlike most of the other Amrath quest is very straight forward and solo friendly. I’m not saying it’s easy – but you’re not required to pull timed levers, solve puzzles or deal with traps. It’s smack heads, run through a labyrinth for 4 floors with progressively tougher critters. And if you’re well balanced and have enough heals to stay the course, you’ll have a definite blast. It is timed – 1 hour 30 minutes, but for most part you’ll be ready to drop down to the final boss with about 45 to an hour left on the clock.

Only downside is the final boss. It’s easier for someone who can heal and AOE themselves through it. It’s tougher to DPS the devil since there’s a lot of curse wounds involved and the devil hits pretty hard. I can very much imagine it being a greater challenge for a solo fighter type class than it is for a caster class. But that’s why each quest represent a different challenge for different classes. It’s fully possible that I’ll find other favorite quests as I TR to a melee class and quests I once loved becomes hated.




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