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I’m on the guard

I finally ran a succesful Shroud after we failed one. The failed one got us to part 4 where the devil decided that we healed to good and slapped us (both healers) with a meteorstorm. Naturally our instinct was to heal ourselves quickly as he managed to slap us down to 10 percentish worth of HP and that lead to a cascade of people dying. I tried to keep us up by wasting potions which I shouldn’t had because we gave up shortly thereafter.

The second run was pretty straightforward and it took me to the finish line and another completion. I managed to pull 200 or so renown in the first failed and something like 1200 in the next. Quite honestly; part 4 chest always skunks me on mats and I rather get those over renown.

I tier 3rd my helmet and I now have deathblock and living guard on it. That gives me a lot of guard effects on the best of days (and one more if I cleanse the helmet). First I have the 10% or so to proc fireshield cold damage on my bracers. It’s always useful. I ran the vale afterwards to check how often things procs and that one goes off like clockwork. My second guard is on my dragontouched and it’s the magma guard. It’s a fairly low proc but it’s somewhat useful as it hits a critter with 3 or so ticks of ~70 fire damage. And now living guard. Although it doesn’t proc that often it’s nice to see some critters fail the save and die a horrible orange skull death.

I also have earthgrab on my cloak. It’s always useful but since I’m using my helmet more often then not, it’s something I’ll have to wait using at the same time until the helmet is cleansed. Then there’s the torc, which is not a guard effect, but it’s something that’s triggered by critters hitting you and provide a decent amount of SP.

Which brings me to my next GS project; I’m fairly sure I want another SP cloak, but one that provides a different tier 1 effect other than wiz VI. And one that mixes 2 elements for something like radiance II or concordant. I don’t know if I have time doing it before I hit 40 completions but it’s not really something I’m in a rush to get. For now I’m just glad I got the helmet done but a little miffed that I can’t post anything to the AH and that tons of good money is lost in the mail system. Maybe rusty had the final laugh before I killed it in the snitch quest; he got lose from the wand and went on a rampage and ate one of those mail boxes.

That or poor quality control.

Another thing I noticed

Another annoying thing; people putting up LFMs for guild invites. I get it, everyone wants good people to get the cool airships, but it’s obnoxious to wade through the bogus LFMs looking for real groups while suffer the hordes of guilds. There are other ways to advertise for it. I really don’t think this is the best way.

I wonder what was fixed?

I really wonder what they fixed in the game; the social interface is still screwed up and the items are not attached to the stuff that was never sold in the AH. It’s a bunch of them – I’m glad that the scroll of shadow sword sold before this mess because if I would’ve lost that one I would’ve been pretty mad.

Sure – 100k plat worth of stuff sitting in my inbox waiting to be picked up is a bummer and it’s a problem that might never be fixed but I can live with it if it works like it should going forward.

I just ran the top hat quest and eventhough I didn’t pull anything it was a interesting gauntlet through a bunch of instances of being jumped by different critters. And a few surprised thrown in for fun. The final boss is kind of cool where she manage to charm everyone to attack you. I’d like that top hat and I do believe it’s a named item that drops. I’d say that the whole set of quests are pretty interesting and well worth the experience. I take it (at level 5) over Necro 1.

The Snitch

I like the Snitch. I played it again this morning and it have a lot of small little qualities. There’s 2 possible mini bosses; one nasty spider and a Troglodyte and you have several encounters on the way with the rogue and his wand.

The environment changes from underground to above ground in many cool ways with what appears to be old sewage tunnels and the tightly packed roof tops, alleys and splendid court yard. I will look forward to playing this quest at appropriate level.

I’ve also noticed a kind of beam me up sound when teleporting…like zooming in and out. And the awesome healing Aura that the new cleric prestige class added. Time for some FvS prestige love.

Tactically I still use TWF on these lower quests, but it’s quite useless in higher end quests and I really don’t find myself useful in TOR anymore. I couldn’t hold a candle to fighters before and now I’m about 30-40% less effective. That’s a pretty steep hill to climb.

I’m pretty much at a dead end when it comes to fighting prowess; I could remove some feats to make it stronger but that means making up divine worse. And that won’t work for me.

It’s going to be interesting to see how challenging this will be to my TWF Kensei fighter that I’m working on; it was pretty okay before and now I think it’s going to be a little bit more difficult, but that’s alright as long as I have a fear idea of how I can tweak the level by level build to remain strong.

A new day (some spoilers)

I finally got in after 12, spending my lunch figuring out one single quest and got some weird thing happen to me when I clicked on a email of something someone had bought from me in the AH. I say something because it had some kind of weird script error. I didn’t try to get any of the items I sold since there seems to be a bug going around.

Tried partycrashers and liked it. It’s a fairly straight forward quest; Someone hires you to get her in because she need to warn someone about potential assassins. Of course, you can’t get in because you’re not on the quest list so you have to go through this illusionist exhibit.  Only thing is that in order to continue from each room you have to find a rune and destroy it. When you try the exhibit fights back. Most annoying is a room where the rune multiplies and all these wind jets keep pushing you into spikes and stuff. The first time I did it I found the rune right away and continued, the second time it was the last of a dozen or so (maybe 10?). When you get through it you end up in the ballroom and there’s several things you can do there. Look around and you’ll find a couple of disguised theiflings that you can lure to other rooms if your bluff is high enough. The more of those you handle before you invite the guest and talk to the big shot, the more XP you seem to get.

I didn’t pull any named stuff but apart from that stupid rune room I thought it was interesting.

Then I did the giant one – it’s kind of fun. You end up stealing this loot from a couple of giants at first (you don’t have too). Turns out it’s the main giants nephews. Oups, I’m glad they don’t have a morale system because I had to lie about who did it. It’s a fairly interesting  run back and forth thing in some lush forest milieu.

The third I tried was the one with capturing the rouge and I liked that the most. Very nice area, with some simple puzzle solving, jumping, diving and running on roof tops and a couple of mini bosses thrown in for good measure. I didn’t pull anything special but I sure had fun. I can see how painful one of them is going to be in Epic; that rune duplicate room with all the traps. If you can’t disable them you’re going to be in for a world of hurt.

I noticed that the only new hireling class seems to be bards, the FvS seems to be pulled. When I tried it on Lammania it crashed so that might be why.

I also noticed a lot of artifacts in the new quest, especially partycrashers. A lot of glitching banners and shadows (blinking in and out).   I also noticed a invisible half wall under water in the rogue quest. Inside a tube it kinds of stops you from moving if you go low, move up a little and you can go forward.

But beside small stuff like that it seems that some other things are a little more bugged. Like the ascension chamber and the guild renown system.

Next time

I drop pretty much everything in the AH. Low chance to sell stuff for 24 hours and good stuff for 48, although it’s unlikely most of it will actually sell. I don’t discount much; I add a little over base price of the item but not a lot. I figure that no one can find a similar priced item for less and I won’t double or triple items with base price (not mats and stuff; that’s based on demand but I’m always a lot less than what you find them on the AH).

I recently bought 2 Large Devil Scales. Well 3 if I count when I tier third my Mineral II rapier. 2 for my helmet since I’m trying to get as much done before I TR.

It’s always ‘nice’ to pile up 7ook plat and then suddenly find myself under 100k again (nice in a ironic sad way of course). But money is there to be spent; you can’t turn into a Avatar or diety and take your riches with you.

So I figure I’ll put it to good use.

With the release of 5 and the +20 XP until July 5th I think I’m going to give it a go to level up some of my alts to that magic 10+ level.

Titanic struggle

Sometimes I do stupid things; strike that – I do stupid things because I like to find out if I can.

Like killing the warforged titan in Amrath, you know the one close to Tower of Despair. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or if it suppose to go loco, but it does. Twice now. The first time I toyed with the idea to kill it but it reset and I was pretty mauled so I gave up. This time I didn’t. I supplied a couple of screen shot. 30k worth of damage to my stuff but no permanent damage so that’s good. It took me about 4000 SP, including 3 Major store pots. The difficulty in trying to kiting it (apart from falling on my @ss every time) is that the terrain makes it hard for the titan to properly move around. So it ended up going all the way to the devil shrine and snap back, ‘healing’ itself (it was 1/3 down) so I had to start all over again.

It felt kind of like a letdown to be honest. It doesn’t drop a chest. It’s kind of like killing one of those officers in Amrath that’s red but they’re only better than the regular critters and they’re not rare encounters.

I wouldn’t have picked a fight had I known that since it’s not worth the damage to your stuff and the time it takes to kill it.

But I did it; another stupid thing I did to see if I could do it.


I added some screenshots of the titan killing to my gallery.


I ran one quick Prey on the hunter and replaced my Lore sigil thingie with magma guard (again). I know that Amrath isn’t exactly the most ideal place to check how often it procs since most critters out there have fire resist and It’s not healthy to stand around getting smacked over and over. The one time I noticed that it proc’d it was against the rare troll and it hit for several 10-20 fire damage hits. I know it’s a little better than that and the troll have to have some major fire resist going on.

Corrosive salt would’ve been better since I think it’s 3 high ticks of undefined damage. But it’s better than most of the stuff I’ve had on it and I’m really ambivalent about what I should do with it going forward with the TWF changes.

I’m kind of where I was before I cleansed my goggles; I so wanted to get there and now when I am it’s second nature and I don’t really have anything to strive for. I guess I should start building up my other toons and get to the point I can TR. Other than that I end up running loot runs and random quests and raids without no real plan. One PuG after another.

Epic non loot

Ran my first Epic raid, ADQ2. It didn’t damn on me that we were running epic until the run up into the first shrine when you run through a gauntlet of lava and fire critters, that they really really hurt. Moreso than any Elite run ever did. Sure, as I entered the quest I could’ve noticed that EPIC difficulty setting but I didn’t.

We failed the first time.

It happens. It should happen on Epic. It was a combination of starting to die left and right and those round saw blade thingies that kept sniping us as we jumped around trying to heal. It was close that we made it but the ever increasing death penalties eventually dragged us down until the last person succumbed to an onslaught of fire critters and the demon queen herself.

The second time we made it. It was funny – as we had a handle on it I DC’d which can be devastating considering I’m a healer (but we had one full and a couple of ‘warpriest’ thingies) but they told me afterwards that the demon queen ended up trying to beat my guy up for 30 seconds after I DC’d as I hung there in the air.

The rewards for the 2 runs with 30k worth of damage to my stuff was; a epic raid token.

That’s right. A Epic raid token. Loot?

Here’s the thing – you can pull named items (and I still want a greenblade), seals, and shards but the loot is level appropriate. Meaning to whatever level the quest is normally. Not 20.

Which is why I don’t like Epic runs; you take truck load of damage and you get zip to pay it off with. You basically run them to maybe get a scroll, get a token and maybe a seal or shard (I guess raids are the only one who drop shards). I know that most people don’t run quests for random stuff; but I keep finding really nice gear when I do Amrath and to some extent Vale. A light mace with shocking burst and improved destruction; nice.

Plus most of the stuff you sell gets you a lot of money, but the stuff you find Epic dungeons isn’t worth much.

BUT having said all that; this raid have more of an Epic feel to it than say Von 1 or 2; you’re grinding down a deamon queen, the saw blade thingies are crazy dangerous and there’s this feeling of imminent doom. Not like Von 1 where it’s a group of guys standing around one epic critter grinding down it’s HP with strikes of a thousand blades.

That’s not epic. That’s just painful.

Tactilicious – spoiler alert for possible update 5 and 6 items

I’ll say this again; I like tactics. On the other hand I do not like 2 uncleansed GS items and me forgetting to switch them so I either take a hit, or lose out on 300 SP.

And I don’t like the fact that I have 3 million combinations of weapons and items and haven’t found that much tactical use for all of them. I’m trying though.

I’m using my dragontouched a lot more these days; simply because it has heavy fortification and I like to use my GS helmet. And it pays dividends in not having to deal with poison and disease and to a small extent fear and blind. Fear not so much and blind only now and then. Deathblock will be nice with the slay living guard. So the question is, am I still convinced that destruction and healing amplification are the two best things for my armor?

Destruction have its use right now before TWF changes. Healing amp is always good but on the worst of days my free cure light will keep we safe and I can always cast heal.

The debate I have with myself is if a guard effect or possibly 2 can be more useful too me over lowering AC and giving myself a boost to my healing?

Plus greater potency IS pretty good until I find something else that’s better.

Which brings me to the new update 5 named items. Like the stone (trinket) that can be upgraded (suppressed powers) to have archmagi and spell penetration IX on it. Level 5. Wow.

Or the other one that will be rumored to have 40 spell level absorptions on it, with 3 regained per rest/day.

That might change to 20 and is definitely exclusive. It’s kind of like the mantle that can absorb 5 of any spells, but it’s level 5.

Now let that sink in; level 5. There’s also a shield in there that’s +5, level 1 (if you can believe it) seems to be able to be upgraded and have acid guard amongst others.

If it’s truly level 1 it’s pretty good. Having decent AC that early on in a TR is gold, not to mention acid guard against those darn kobolds.

So I’m not leaving until I have at least the archmagi stone and the spell absorption. Those are high valued TR items if any.

Things can change; be nerfed in the last minute for being a little bit too much, but if the stone remain archmagi I will definitely work on putting together a green steel cloak with a different tier 1 effect and then the 150 SP tier 2 and 3. Concordant opposition sounds good.

I also checked out Update 6 stuff that are still tentative but that have been found when people ran the update 6 wilderness. They’re adding several sets to the mix – a kind of mid low level 7 set pieces to round of I guess the very first you can find (Korthos) with some fresh before 10 and then of course the level 18 stuff from ToD. And it looks like they’re going to be Epic so I assume it’s going to be interesting set bonus grinding.

I’m still sad about the TWF changes as I can see right now how it’s going to change my different item tactics that I use, but I’ll survive and adapt.