First thing first before I’d do anything else; shroud.

I ran with a very good group – despite some bumps the whole group kept on ticking and it didn’t take us long to finish off the entire raid. And with it tier 3 on my rapier with mineral II. The one that gives you transmute, keen and bleeding. I added acid blast.

It makes a difference; you can chew through a lot of critter a lot faster. Not just for the acid part, since there are some critters with acid resist, but because of transmute and a very tiny added damage for bleeding. Transmute adds the most; it’ll go through most different DR types and smack whomever with full damage. With very few exceptions.

I also ran ToD and picked up smedgars ring. So I now have both the virtioso and the Warpriest set. But with my Torc I find it hard to give it up to use the sets since it’s almost addicting to see the SP gain proc. I know, silly – in the end I’m going to run it just fine with the SP I have but it sure helps. Amrath wilderness is a lot easier that way. Talk about easy – there’s a rare in Amrath, one of those translucent lions. He’s close to a devil rare. You can hit it by walking down this ‘alley’ but the funny thing it’s separated by a ramp – to the left you have the devil and it’s shrine and to the right the ‘valley’ that you can find the rare lion in.

But if you follow the ramp towards the valleys end you can stand above the pack and hit them with energy drain a couple of time, drop down and BB and then kite them. Normally they have evasion and are a pain in the butt when you’re trying to kite something else and this lion keeps avoiding getting hit to finally knock you down. But with a couple of energy drains they’ll fail most evasions and die. Easiest one ever. Or the rare in the vale. One energy drain – one destruction or banishment and bye bye.

I keep getting skunked on those darn dragontouched runes. The lottery hates me. I’d like to use it instead of my breastplate of destruction – but it’s like wanting one large devil scale so you can’t tier 3 or looking for the first tier 1 shard to even start. There you are with tier 2 and 3 shard and all the mats but you fail all rolls for them and you never get one. That’s life and thats DT lottery.

Ran a very messy hound; at least getting there. The other healer in the group kept dying. Failed against every single Beholder destruction and seemed to have a hard time healing itself.

On top of that the whole group ran off before the raid filled so the final 2 got stranded at the very beginning and I tried to get back but couldn’t. That happens sometimes. False startes, someone falls down, group get splintered and I get stuck fighting 2 ice renders for 5 minutes since all my buffs are gone and I’m like ice skating around like an idiot (before I had an bright idea; why don’t I quick buff again?)

All I can say is this; sometimes sh!t happens. It really does and you know you’re capable enough or that you’re in a good group when despite all the ups and down you manage to pull through and save the day. It’s nice when it’s pretty, smooth and fast, but there’s nothing as fun as when things go avry and valiant efforts saves the day. Most unforgiving quest for screw ups; ToD – half the group wipe in part 3 and find themselves behind bars while the rest with very low DPS tries to win the day and the healer is running low on SP. Or when caster dies and shadows swoops down on the group and starts smacking everyone. Or part 3 when the main tank lose agro and Main baddie goes on a swipe and wipe tour.

All 3 are almost guaranteed restarts or failures. If anyone manage to pull out a win in any of those situations they’re good. Very good. And one of those things you can feel pretty good bragging about.


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