The dragontouched lottery still hates me. I ran 9 prey on the hunter in one day and between stamping the same 4-5 effects on the armor I now have spell resistance (22) for the second time in those many runs.

I like shroud. I can’t wait until I can run it again and get my helmet started – 2 tiers at least and hopefully not too far away from tier 3. It might be frustrating to pull the right mats, but the loot is good and you can always sell and buy mats.

Dragontouched is boring and dreary; you do it over and over again simply to get stuff you don’t need and ruin something that could’ve been useful until you got what you wanted.

I checked out Lamannia for the changes and they’re not very good for me. I dual wield reducing the negative effect by using destruct on armor (lowers critter AC) and divine power. I still miss. A lot. More so without destruction. I need to dual wield because this game (towards the higher end quests) require DPS.

DPS isn’t just how much damage you put out, it’s also the amount of time you’re exposed to critter damage. If you can’t kill em quickly enough they either heal or slap you around.

That’s just how crazy it is considering how broken AC is late game.

If you don’t have dual wield feats you’ll first suffer a low offhand proc chance and then suffer the fact that now you have a low 2 hit chance. And on top of that if you use a specialized weapon like cursespewing, sunder, cripple, destruction etc in your offhand, you’re now suffering a possible 3 obstacles. First the offhand proc. Second 2 hit. And third the save.

And since sword and board is broken, it’ll take me a lot more time to kill critters and which means a lot more damage for me, with more broken equipment. Worst is it in places where you can’t really kite critters that good or when you run into a rare such as the troll in Amrath. They usually have a lot of HP, hurts like a truck and every second you’re exposed to their hits you’re killing your equipment and wasting your SP to stay alive (or in case of fighter whatever resource you use).

I don’t know what’s worse about these changes; affecting 95% of the game for patching the 5% that suffer from it, the removal of tactical options even for non experts like me or the silly balancing of different weapon styles. There’s gotta be a better way to ‘balance’ weapon styles according to what niche they fill instead of making them all a matter of vanilla ice cream, old classic or French. I mean how can you tell? I spent 4 months refining these tactics just to have it drastically change. It’s certainly not about being fair, but it seems that fewer options are available to people who find innovative ways to get the most of their items and planning. Now I’m better off with sword and board something I did before and that cost me a lot of resources to use and stay alive with. It’s silly. Especially since it’s done to fix a technical issue.

Such is life.


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