Next time

I drop pretty much everything in the AH. Low chance to sell stuff for 24 hours and good stuff for 48, although it’s unlikely most of it will actually sell. I don’t discount much; I add a little over base price of the item but not a lot. I figure that no one can find a similar priced item for less and I won’t double or triple items with base price (not mats and stuff; that’s based on demand but I’m always a lot less than what you find them on the AH).

I recently bought 2 Large Devil Scales. Well 3 if I count when I tier third my Mineral II rapier. 2 for my helmet since I’m trying to get as much done before I TR.

It’s always ‘nice’ to pile up 7ook plat and then suddenly find myself under 100k again (nice in a ironic sad way of course). But money is there to be spent; you can’t turn into a Avatar or diety and take your riches with you.

So I figure I’ll put it to good use.

With the release of 5 and the +20 XP until July 5th I think I’m going to give it a go to level up some of my alts to that magic 10+ level.


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