I wonder what was fixed?

I really wonder what they fixed in the game; the social interface is still screwed up and the items are not attached to the stuff that was never sold in the AH. It’s a bunch of them – I’m glad that the scroll of shadow sword sold before this mess because if I would’ve lost that one I would’ve been pretty mad.

Sure – 100k plat worth of stuff sitting in my inbox waiting to be picked up is a bummer and it’s a problem that might never be fixed but I can live with it if it works like it should going forward.

I just ran the top hat quest and eventhough I didn’t pull anything it was a interesting gauntlet through a bunch of instances of being jumped by different critters. And a few surprised thrown in for fun. The final boss is kind of cool where she manage to charm everyone to attack you. I’d like that top hat and I do believe it’s a named item that drops. I’d say that the whole set of quests are pretty interesting and well worth the experience. I take it (at level 5) over Necro 1.


2 thoughts on “I wonder what was fixed?

  1. Elsbet

    “I wonder what was fixed?”

    Nothing. This was a “What can we break” update, not a “what can we fix” update.


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