I’m on the guard

I finally ran a succesful Shroud after we failed one. The failed one got us to part 4 where the devil decided that we healed to good and slapped us (both healers) with a meteorstorm. Naturally our instinct was to heal ourselves quickly as he managed to slap us down to 10 percentish worth of HP and that lead to a cascade of people dying. I tried to keep us up by wasting potions which I shouldn’t had because we gave up shortly thereafter.

The second run was pretty straightforward and it took me to the finish line and another completion. I managed to pull 200 or so renown in the first failed and something like 1200 in the next. Quite honestly; part 4 chest always skunks me on mats and I rather get those over renown.

I tier 3rd my helmet and I now have deathblock and living guard on it. That gives me a lot of guard effects on the best of days (and one more if I cleanse the helmet). First I have the 10% or so to proc fireshield cold damage on my bracers. It’s always useful. I ran the vale afterwards to check how often things procs and that one goes off like clockwork. My second guard is on my dragontouched and it’s the magma guard. It’s a fairly low proc but it’s somewhat useful as it hits a critter with 3 or so ticks of ~70 fire damage. And now living guard. Although it doesn’t proc that often it’s nice to see some critters fail the save and die a horrible orange skull death.

I also have earthgrab on my cloak. It’s always useful but since I’m using my helmet more often then not, it’s something I’ll have to wait using at the same time until the helmet is cleansed. Then there’s the torc, which is not a guard effect, but it’s something that’s triggered by critters hitting you and provide a decent amount of SP.

Which brings me to my next GS project; I’m fairly sure I want another SP cloak, but one that provides a different tier 1 effect other than wiz VI. And one that mixes 2 elements for something like radiance II or concordant. I don’t know if I have time doing it before I hit 40 completions but it’s not really something I’m in a rush to get. For now I’m just glad I got the helmet done but a little miffed that I can’t post anything to the AH and that tons of good money is lost in the mail system. Maybe rusty had the final laugh before I killed it in the snitch quest; he got lose from the wand and went on a rampage and ate one of those mail boxes.

That or poor quality control.


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