The transient moment of ‘things’ coming together

We know when we like a build and when we don’t. The reason why I had a bunch of below 10 builds and 1 level 20 for the longest time, was this thing called not fun. Fun to play mr. 20, not so much with below 10. It wasn’t just a not so fun build as much as it was the fact that they struggled at their role. True, there was always one level where they absolutely rocked, but as they outgrew their equipment it was clear that it was more than having a good sword; it was something fundamentally not so fun with their build.

You also know when it’s good and when it’s more ‘I don’t have the right thing’. Like a fire weapon when you need it or a ice weapon when you do. Those are limitations you can struggle to overcome rather than fundamental issues with the alt you’re playing.

Which is what I feel about my ranger. With the right equipment I’m usually right up there killing things and when I solo I’m usually only defeated by things like being held and pummeled by other critters. That’s a limitation, not a problem. And when I play in groups I’m usually one with the same or more kills than others; which doesn’t prove that I’m better – only that I’m fulfilling the role I’m suppose to excel in.

I can’t wait running shroud and craft my first green steel weapon. That’s when the real fun begins. When you’re not limited to the odd assembly of different random weapons but have the one slicer or beater that suits your situation. I’m going to use my 20 to run several of the Vale quests to add the mats needed for building the item so that I don’t have to waste so much time putting it together. And I do have tons of mats already, except for those large devil scales, but if I have two toons running the shroud on different days, I really don’t have to wait that long.

Add another level 20 and I will be able to run the shroud every day and that should give me all the mats I need.

And BTW – spectral gloves rocks on a tempest ranger; it’s good on my FvS but with a ring of +6 strength and spectral gloves extra attack plus dex and ghost touch effect, 2 disruptive weapons really make life a cake walk where there’s undead. Since the undead is my number one enemy I’ll have plenty of extra damage, attack and defense against them. I’ve already confirmed that running the sands and I did this morning running a quick Orchard run.

All I need now is a good metalline weapon to make those flesh golems into chunks.


One thought on “The transient moment of ‘things’ coming together

  1. Kepli_Moonshadow

    Absolutely. There is a definitive moment in gameplay when you realize that your toon, is in fact- gimped.

    On the other hand, it is also apparent when you have it exactly right- and this helps in creating new characters.


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