Forward looking

With the Risia Ice games I have upgraded several weapons to either frost or cold burst. I figure since I had a bunch of hot chocolate left over from last time.

It’s a good thing too since I don’t have any GS weapons and therefore need whatever advantage I can get until I do. But it did make me go through my regular pile of dusty weapons (storage) and found several really good ones; like 2 weapons with elemental bane – one of them with greater. Or 3 and several paralyzing weapons. Since I am now level 14 I can use all of those.

And I’ve set up reasonable combos to suite most situations – which includes bows with holy burst, shock burst and one with holy and greater gnoll bane and the shock one with hobgoblin bane.

That’s good, if not a little messy; it would be easier to have fewer combos but with more potent weapons like GS, but that’s how it is when you haven’t done all that stuff yet. Hopefully I will be able to get my first GS weapon done fairly quickly around 16/17 so I can be more useful and do higher end quests and raids.


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