Sweet 17

I hit 17 this morning doing a quick vale run figuring out that my greater gnoll bane bow works better on the gnoll rare caster and his minions of mephits than using a holy burst bow. What also helps is to have a cleric hireling over a caster  when you go close quarter brawling with a bunch of angry mephits.

You live and learn and then you level up.

I didn’t really look forward to 17; I mean yeah – I like leveling as it means me being able to equip better stuff, but 17 only means a few more hit points and SP and the ability to equip better stuff, except that most of the better stuff usually level out at 15 and now I can equip my search +15 and heal +3 goggle instead of my search +15 goggle. You see what I mean?

It does mean that I get hiding in plain sight. Compare that to leap of faith (a FvS level 17 feat). I don’t hide much. Don’t need to. I’m like one those barbs – I run up and hit fast and hard with two weapons. But unlike barbs I don’t scream like a angry monkey doing so. I mean not that barbs are monkeys or anything but being constantly angry can’t be good for your temper.

It also means that I’m more likely to be invited to shroud and other raids, but equally competent as when I was level 16 – probably because not much have changed and I still don’t have GS item of ‘I kick MORE @ss’.

I’m still thinking about the end game and the stuff I need and want to be the best that I can be.

So I’ve noticed something after I wrote about AC, 42 isn’t enough. Even those rats in Vale hits me. I mean rats and scorpions?

To me that’s just wrong. Give them harder bites or stronger pincers or more potent poison or something, but is someone trying to tell me that a small little Vale scorpion hits harder and better than a drow scorpion out of the sands?

That’s what’s wrong with the AC deficit and attack value inflation. Critter AC and attack value keep going up but you hit a plateau around 10 and have to super specialize to go beyond that point.

I doubt 44 will do much either. If they hit me most of the time now 2 more in AC won’t make it more magical.

So I’m thinking I need to hit close to 50 to see a difference, if any. I hate to give up AC completely since the items and builds I have in mind actually make sense, but if the stark difference between running Orchard and Giant Hold is going to scale so ridiculously going into the Vale I might as well just go for DPS. I hate the thought but that’s how it is.

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