Okay – am I dreaming or something but there’s definately something up with anything tonight; I hit slower than molasses, my guard effects keep procking like crazy – I have slay living, magma surge and earthgrab and it went off like every 4 seconds when I was completely surrounded. Plus the chests I’m opening are cr@ppy. I mean straight across the board really crappy. I shouldn’t be ransacked on anything (I haven’t played my FvS since last shroud run) and it’s like one item and some money. You know, ransacked stuff. The best I could pick from as shroud end reward was a level 12 bastard sword. I’ve never seen so much junk between all shroud chests and these Vale rare chests. Holy smokes. Slow attack speed, guard effects run amock and cr@ppy loot. What’s next – a lump of coal? I added a pic to the gallery to prove my point – if i get surrounded and the guard effects goes off like firework again I will try to take a pic of that (who have heard of 3 slay living in a row?).


I have added 3 more pictures. One more chest, one where shows 2 earth grabs at the same time shortly after 1 faded and 2 orthons getting slayed at the same time. Pretty whacky stuff.

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