Monthly Archives: July 2010

Ranging is fun

It comes a point where playing the same toon gets a little boring. You have done everything and the only thing you have to look forward to are the raids. And the idea of leveling a new one kind of stalls around 8 or so. Until I started leveling rapid – now things are fun again. Being able to both shoot and clonk heads seems fresh and it’s fresh because I’ve been doing my healer forever (even TR’d it once). So hopefully I can ride this guy all the way to 20 and have myself a alt raid runner.


Playing an alt

I figure I’d leave my┬ámain to deal with raids; I mean he has everything I need and everything else is just – additional. So I’ve been playing with a tempest ranger with a repeating crossbow. I know, people have it in for repeaters but I don’t care. I have a good one and it does the work and when I nead too I can always clob heads. We did deleras the other day and I rain him straight clobbing. Used my good longsword and sunblade for the job. Wish I had two. I definately need to get a second by running my main trough the subter rare. But we did good; ran with a guildy and a rogue – we had a caster that apparently thought we took to long; one of those I’ve done it a million times so unless we’re like uber geared we’re not good enough. It took us 90 mins or so without a full group so I think we did just fine. No caster, hireling healer and that’s about it. I ran cabal this morning; wanted the wand of summon (roderics) but it’s a caster only item, so unless I TR it won’t be very useful. But I might. Always wanted a caster type to try out. Sorc WF.

But with 15k to level I’m having a blast; just need to find some good equipment and move on. I don’t know what people have against repeaters but there’s something fun about blasting through 1000 bolts and steal agro and see critters run the gauntlet through the rest of the group getting to me. No one appriciate the fun stuff.