Love him long time

I’ve written here before how the lottery hates me. It really did – I would spend countless scrolls, SP pots and such just to get the first SoS done and then I would run tempest after tempest, crunching it into Sovereign runes and bake it and have a so and so armor turn into dread. I would trade ‘I can live with that’ to ‘what the!!!’ threat generating runes (on a favored soul) con stats, melody guard etc to the point I felt like I woke up one day with my girlfriend/wife mad at me. It’s like…

‘Hey baby, what’s wrong?’

‘It’s not working out – I think we should take a break’

‘Take a break? From what – I mean we have been dating for a year now, but it’s not like you ever gave me anything serious’

‘What do you mean – it’s my fault? What about that Seeker +6 shattermantle Axe huh? Or that Strength +2, performance +11 gloves?’

‘You know what I mean – when is the last time you gave me greater fire resist or something, you know, that takes the edge of a long day dungeon running?’

‘That’s all you can think off – BB and kite, typical favored soul’

But then something happened. I had this disastrous beginning of my SoS flagging, which is typical for Kobold; several times trying to get it done, caster couldn’t charm the living spell and we died. To the point our armor was broken, stuff on fire and we had so much compounded death penalties that we felt like level 1’s again. But I ran several tempest just fine, a great quick Monastery run and finally got Kobold done on casual. I even pulled the essence and the runes. Then SoS. SoS can be an absolute nightmare with the wrong group. You and I know that. It’s like suddenly you’re there, waiting to enter the quest and half the group says they haven’t done it. But the leader who started it just hit his head in a car door or something, don’t strategize and decide to just go ahead. Buff, done and we’re running. So I’m a healer and thinking ‘how much is this going to cost?’

When everyone is dead and dying by the fire guardian after a very painful 15 minutes getting the cold guardian done, it’s like ‘why didn’t I just quit – I mean, it would’ve cost me a heck of a less?’

But here we were. I was a little worried about my DPS – having discovered that I was on the squishy side running shroud, but I decided to exchange my last feat I took for another toughness one. It’s only 20 HP more, but it’s something. If anything it’s like taking those pills and you think you actually grew an inch although it’s just in your head.

It was the fastest smoothest SoS run ever. Great bunch of people. Terrific healer (ran with him before so I know he’s good), awesome caster (ran with him before too) and a bunch of fresh faced but great DPS. And I wasn’t so bad either. About 30 minutes, only one mephit popped up and down he went. Pop the chest, get my rune and the 50 other runes to buy the armor. I went for a vestment, trying to keep up AC and take advantage of my higher dex. My idea was simple; I need some things like a greater fire rest or similar good stuff, true seeing and more AC. Man oh man.

‘Hey baby, I think I dig you now. Let’s make something together – let’s make magic, I think I’m ready now’

‘Wow, what changed? I mean, you’re nice and all but a month ago you we’re like  get out of here and take your puny rapiers with you’

‘I don’t know – you’ve changed. I like you as a ranger. Not afraid to dress light, no pointy full plate and those Khopeshes. All that DPS, it really makes me shiver all over.’

My original plan was either resist or healing amp. I can always buff but having something like greater fire that can’t be de-buffed is good.

I also wanted true seeing. I can ever seem to find a hireling that offer it and it’s like pulling nails to ask a healer that you run with to cast it on me. I always did it automatically as a favored soul and I’ve felt a little naked without it since it negates blur and displacement.

Plus I wanted AC. I was aiming for the +3 dodge bonus since I need it to get as close to the +4 that the icy raiment offer, but I was clear that it would probably take a lot of runs to pull it. And if need be I would bolster my AC further with insight on a GS weapon. Trading some DPS for more AC to avoid as much damage as possible in the vale.

So I crunched the first rune and got greater cold resist. I figure I would crunch tempest next just to see how screwed I would be. I had 2 tempest runes, 5-6 eldritch and one Sovereign. Generally that’s a good start on your frustration. Add something good just to screw it up completely with your last rune and get something useless for Sovereign, looking at it with great frustration every time you dig through your inventory because it’s so messed up you can’t even wear it.

True seeing pops up as I bake the tempest. I can’t believe it. It’s right there. I now have a useful armor. I mean cold, yeah – but I have 5 more eldritch runes and even if it comes up as bust I have tempest done. That means all tempest runes from now will be to put together sovereign runes.

I do sovereign, this is the ‘can I use this or not’ test. I don’t get dodge – but I do get the +4 insight AC instead.

So I now have the same AC as my icy, true seeing as I wanted and the tier 1 run as passable. Dodge is preferred as it stack and if I added insight to a GS weapon it would add to AC. Now I will level out around 48 something – whereas with a +3 dodge I could’ve added insight on top. What whatever – this was awesome and I can always try for +3 dodge down the road.

This is where I normally would stop. I mean – I can use this. It’s as close as a home run as you can get and I see myself NOT having to run refuge quests over and over and actually doing something else. But I can’t help myself. I decide to crunch another eldritch. I figure – it’s Las Vegas, I have a streak and I’m like a abused puppy who decide to dig in the garbage again despite knowing that my master will spank me.

Healing amp 10%. I’ve been crunching so many runes on my favored souls armor to get that. And here’s this ranger with a natural 30% enhanced healing amp getting more healing amp – getting 30+ HP from regular cure serious pots.

All the AC he wanted, true seeing and healing amp.

What can I say – the lottery digs me. At least my ranger. Love him long time.


One thought on “Love him long time

  1. Kepli_Moonshadow

    Lucky bastard. *sighs*

    Grats though……I guess.

    *stand in the corner all emo hating his parents*


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