The lumbering capstone

20k Xp left and I’ll hit 20. One more ability point, one more spell and more enhancement points to get capstone and something else. That’s it. After this point slayer becomes moot and the only thing I need is to get all the stuff I want and then TR. Maybe. I’m not in a hurry to TR. I’d like all my GS and things before I do, since it was such an advantage to have the GS cloak for my FvS and I can just imagine how valuable it is going to be for my ranger.

Tier 2 on my mineral II (eventually) is good and I have another tier 2 to do on a second Khopesh. Meanwhile I’m using a holy burst weakening Khopesh and it’s good. It greatly lower enemy critters ability to smack me back and I’ve run Vale twice now trying to get enough slayer to level up. And the combination rocks. It’s to the point where I don’t use greater elemental bane stuff against the ellies; get close, smack em down and see their str hit rock bottom. Life is good again.

I’m going to have to check out Amrath soon to see if I can even put a dent in anything there, that’ll give me an idea if i should start doing ToD flagging or not.


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