Haven’t I been here before; twice?

I cut my teeth on a FvS leveled up, crafted one GS cloak and then TR’d – one final romp through my favorite dungeons before feeding my ashes to the tree of hearts.

Then a favored soul – twice – now a ranger fresh in his 20’s.

There are lessons to be learned; get some of the good stuff while you’re still getting XP. GS and dragontouched. And it’s quite different playing a ranger over playing a healer; one being the ability to solo without hireling and self healing when it hurts. The other able to down critters in a flurry but I still miss kiting them through blade barriers making slayer a science and a matter of little time.

And appreciate vorpals. I have three or four but banked them all. It always seemed easier to slap something around until it died instead of waiting for that pure 20. Until I played VoD. VoD demands vorpals – the super inflated HP on most of those mobs need the natural 20 more than ever. It’s impractical trying to grind down the HP unless you have a tier 3 GS weapons of the right kind and a generous crit range to boot.

Enter vorpals and the story is a lot different.  So yesterday – up early to grind the morning out (had a terrible headache the night before that and went to bed early) – hit 1500 in both Lamania and Shavarth slayer in the Vale (ran around for about an hour) and tried to get the final 10k by doing VoD. Twice – failed at the exploding bats both times and we kind of resigned to the fact that it wouldn’t happen.

But the whole day wasn’t a bust; after getting my 20th doing Sins of Attrition on casual (good thing too) and then hitting the rare Orthon on our ways to weapon shipment – I hit the final level and felt that ‘wow – 20’ all over again.

So after qualifying for TOR, doing reavers, flagging for ADQ2 I was like caught up with most flagging quests.

And to round off the evening I did Hound followed by VoD without failure.

My Hound was probably the smoothest ever with this ranger; having only really run it 20+ times with my FvS and seen the healing side.

The difference; vorpals. I had done Hound once before – and died a couple of times and failed. That was back when I was about level 17 and only had a couple of holy burst weapons. There are two kinds of flesh renders – one is drone and the other some kind of taller guardian type. Drones goes down quickly, guardians don’t. So I started running as usual with my bow on the ready. My theory is simple – shoot a couple of arrows in them to take aggro before the go into the middle and bother the healers (that can get very messy) and then finish them off in close quarter (unless I have multi-arrow ready – then it’s a much quicker affair). Pre-vorpal the guardians are tough tigers – they’ll smack your HP from under you before you can say ‘mama!’ but here I was solo running on the outside (I’m a rebel so I ran the opposite way after we dropped all the flayers) and I turn around to see if anything is coming out from the portals behind me and I see this huge guardian barreling down on me. So I shoot a couple of pointless arrows in it, switch to my vorpals, get a smack that skins 30 HP from me and I hit him twice in return. Second is a vorpal and lops of its head (so the theory goes but you don’t actually see it). I then continue vorpal renders until we hear the second thing and join up on the hound and beat the rest of the HP out of her. Nothing really drops and that’s it. But I’m a happy camper because I’m now confident I can add my 2 cents to the raid.

I know – there are people out there that already knows that – but it’s nice to have the twf speed to actually get the most from the the vorpals.

So VoD afterwards was the big test. Lots of high HP mobs harassing you. And it worked as advertized. Bearded elite devils went down in a hail of vorpals and we ganged up and killed the Orthon bodyguard. We even survived the exploding bats. I didn’t pull anything since this is a notorious fickle named giver, but it feels nice to have finished this raid with as little drama as possible.


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