Greensteel thoughts

Do you have when you get something in your head and then realize that MAYBE you want to do it differently?

Right now I’m debating whether I should complete my HP, heavy fort, Prot +5 mineral II cloak OR do my +8 Reflex Save goggles with permanent blur.

Both have their merits; more HP, possibly replacing Minos Legen and adding occult slayer belt for a combined +75 HP in 2 items. I could drop my prot +5 Necklace and remove Minos Legen for a different item.

On the other hand I could keep the helmet and do the goggles and get that permanent blur and more reflex save. It’s either adding more HP or avoiding taking damage. A truly interesting dilemma. In either case I COULD keep the helmet until I find a replacement. I might not be able to get the use of the Heavy fort part (if I make that cloak) but I can use the stacking HP since it’s toughness and tier III is elemental.


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