Sleeping with the fishes

I have a new ‘not my favorite vale quest’. Odds are that you’ll always find someone running rainbow, sacrifice and devils. ‘Cause they’re easy and relatively quick. Easy as in beating stuff up. Rainbow might have a couple of surprises and the whole running through darkness kind of thing but it’s straight forward and made easy by using ddoor. Even without out ddoor it’s still fairly straight forward. Smiting, construct bane and a couple of elemental bane stuff and it’s a romp through dark corridors that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Runnings with devils is of course the fastest but also potentially most painful. Several chaotic outsider eladrin with clerics that just have tons of resist and hurt you with light damage and can self heal. And you’ll need elemental resist against everything. I can’t solo it as my fvs since the mini boss before the end bosses is a pain in the butt eladrin that’ll heal itself 50% at several points and unless you have great DPS it’s a merry go round of slapping, self healing and watching the boss replenish the health lickedy split.

Coalescence chamber used to be the worst and it’s still not my favorite. Long cave tunnels, a main chamber to walk up (don’t fall), walkthrough tunnels to a secondary chamber to walk up (don’t fall), another walkthrough to the only shrine then walk through to the upper part of the chamber (light up rune unless you enjoy slowly walking through everything again), find the first door – key and drop all the way down to the lower main chamber and the first locked door in that chamber. In the good old days there was no rune and express elevator up – only the joyful trek through tunnels with respawning critters. With the new changes and as long as you light up that rune, there are several lit up spots along the path up in the lower main chamber where if you walk on them air pressure will shoot you up. That way you can easily drop down, open the door get the next key, air push yourself to the pass-through and get to the secondary chamber quickly. And if you fall down after you light up the rune, you can take the air push express all the way from lower main chamber to upper. Which is good. That probably cuts the tedium in half right there. But you still have to walk up and down, still have to enjoy trog caster de-buffing you and casting all manners of bad juju your way and enjoying trog bowcritters shoot you from ledges above.

All for the possibility of funk and the occasional locust husk just to remind you that you really only did it for the stone. Oh – and if you do it on casual it might not give you the stone at all.

Sacrifice is just a romp through tunnels filled with gnolls. It’s really a quest of running, killing gnolls, some ellies, more gnolls, rescue a guy from critters spawning out of a shavarath portal, run up a ramp, kill more trogs, orthons etc, join up with theguy and get to end without him dying killing stuff and end theifling I think. Get a chest, smile and move on.

Let sleeping dust lie is that one new that I really really don’t like.

It’s not that it’s overly long unless you can’t find the first journal – the pain comes from not letting 5 spiders die.

This is the one I have failed the most. Not from killing the spiders myself, but from dps like people who simply kill although people keep telling them to kill no spiders. Like the rouge I ran with who kept backstabbing and one kill the spiders. We got fairly far, but we failed eventually from the one kill here and one kill there.

It’s most easily completed if the caster can one kill the controlling Ogres and flesh to stone the spiders in the end but you can certainly do it if everyone knows their part. And to make matters worse, if you had 3 spiders killed (and only 2 more to save) in the end when you fight the end boss and that many more spiders die it’s a insta fail.

In other words; a long potential slog with several pitfalls and with the wrong group almost automatic fail.

Yet you need it – for every item you want to make you also need to pull a stone. 5 stones to make the main stone in building a GS item or weapon. You can buy the mats but the stones are bound to character.

So if you want to make another item you also need to farm stones. Such is life. True – you can find blank GS items and weapons in the AH but they’re far too expensive and you might not find what you’re looking for and you still need to run these at least once to flag.

Which brings me to the last point; I still need to do it 3 more times. One for my bow, one for my helmet and one for my goggles. I have time, but I certainly do not look forward to it.


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