Epic or epic vampires

I don’t like epic, but I can’t quit it. I mean – I don’t even care for some of the items that I can epify. I have several seals, some shards and some scrolls. But not 3 of the same and I have for stuff I don’t seem to care about. Yet I come back to it – ever disappointed at the ridiculous drop of ‘fragments’. Collect a hundred and get a ‘whole’ token. Beat a guy up for a couple of minutes.

So that I can open  that purple and gold chest and get – nothing.

But that’s nothing compared to my ire over vampire movies and books.

They have whole sections in the library and book stores. And there’s TV shows and movies.

In DDO they’re ugly and die in a swarm of bats. No drama – no – I can’t be with you because I’m a blood thirsty killer. And where are the werewolf’s in DDO? They’re way scarier than vampires – even though they’re kind of wimpy in underworld, except for the vampire werewolf hybrid.

I guess I rather be a vampire werewolf hybrid before I ever play the vampire class. Just because I could only play my guy during the short night phase and there’s not enough Mary’s to go around to make a good drink.


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