Mineral II and lighting II

First I wanted a mineral II bow, but after talking to someone who had used bows a lot longer it was either a straight earth for the earth grab proc on hit or a lighting II; mix between holy and air. So I thought – it makes sense. Metalline is nice but when it counts – it won’t do much. In reality you need silver arrows against some stuff and cold iron against others. You buy those arrows after you unlock the right favor in house of D.

So I started to change my arrows more actively; take the 10 seconds or so to re-prioritize the arrows dependent on what I do. I could only tier 2 my bow – so that’s holy and lighting burst, but it’s already very efficient against a lot of critters. Multi arrow is almost crazy painful against the right target. It’s going to be nice to see just how many times I can get lightning to proc with multi-arrow. Once or twice within the time span of the multi effect would make it worth it.

In the same run I finally also finished off tier 3 on my mineral II cloak. So that’s 25 more HP (45 total), protection +5 and heavy fortification. I’m still using Minos Legen since it stacks with my cloak and at 437 without buffs it’s very useful. It also allows me to use a different necklace (my old one was a prot +5) and I’ve been using a tier 2 silver flame one from Necropolis – I now only have to upgrade it to tier 3 for the full effect. But it also means that I should start getting serious about flagging for ToD so I can work on my sets and get the rings.

So what’s next? I don’t know. There’s no point working up another GS item yet since I can’t equip it. I should get serious about tier 3 one of my weapons but I’m not sure if I should work on my Khopesh or bow. I’m also considering working up a concordant opposition weapon. I’m really not that squishy in most wilderness areas but there are upper end quests that taxes even my abilities. I figure with a con/op weapon I could possibly ride out the worst of it – but I’d love to combine it with a torc for effect. I noticed that running the hound. Generally I’m pretty okay – but surrounded by 3 reavers and getting de-buffed by one of those tiny beholders – it kind of kicked my butt a couple of times.

With a con/op it’s possible to hold myself above water long enough to survive most of it.


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