Greenblade, madstone boots and tumbling

I’m pretty agile in real life. For a tall big guy I can sure round curves and generally do pretty good in tight spaces. Unlike my ranger who can avoid AOE’s and do all kind of crazy stuff – and my FvS who can fly for a couple of seconds before sailing gracefully through the air.

I took a couple of days off from playing; it was a slight log in here and there – did some shroud, some quests and generally kept it relatively low key.

So in those few days I played I managed to do several things like getting the regular shard and greater in the same shroud run, roll and win the greenblade for my FvS and pull madstone boots with my ranger.

And I managed to in real life catapult myself onto concrete with bruised ribs and a banged up knee as a result.

I so wish I had a tumble skill check there and if I did it was a royal failure. Had it been my ranger or FvS I could’ve taken a great sword to my head, said ouch and healed myself. In real life I got the wind knocked out of me and spent a couple of minutes looking for the flashlight as it flew out of my hand while my wife said she was sorry over and over that it was her fault for taking us out on such a late run.

It wasn’t of course; I just wish I could get a cure serious hurt pride potion with my lunch instead of another subway sandwich with red onion on it.


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