Mission accomplished

My FvS pulled a royal guard mask after probably 10-15 runs and I think he finally pulled it on hard (gholan Fan or whatever the name is). It’s really not that fun of a run – kind of bland – but when there’s no XP involved it’s a matter of running ahead, pull critters through the corridors and drop a BB and then move on.

So in other words; not that big of a deal.

I wanted to get one for my ranger too, since the whole death elevator thingie is kind of boring. While I can certainly get the map maker for the airship, it requires that I complete all explorers first before I can take advantage of it.

So I’ve run it a couple times on hard and with a hireling with haste and GH it’s not that bad. It takes a little longer since I can’t just AOE and destroy; I have to get down and dirty for most part – but it’s not really that big of a deal with GH, haste, displacement and 52 or so in AC. I barely have to use any pots.

I ran it once the other day and didn’t pull anything and since I’m on timer on everything that matters I decided to see if I could get it done in about 20-25 minutes today.

It went pretty smooth – the traps didn’t hurt me whatsoever since I have great evasion and I stopped now and then to have the hireling ‘teleport’ to me to freshen up the shortbuffs.

Then in the final battle I ranged the boss and his guard; multi arrow with adamantine arrows is such a blast and you can easily kill off everything in less than 20 seconds.

Sure enough; opened the end chest and there it was. I ran it 4 or so times with my ranger – most of it on hard and I pulled the right named item for the nice ability to clickie teleport.

One less thing to worry about.


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