Lamenting Llamania

I’ve tried out Llamania lately; TR’d my Ranger to a Half-Orc, changed one of my favored souls spells to a level 8 summon to check out the new summons and just ran around trying out both Half Orc champion and half elf to get an idea of what the new stuff is.

I noted some changes to quests (cosmetic) and also new effect sounds to things like arrows. Better resolution on the sound with bow and crossbow and also when arrows ‘almost’ hits – it have this buzzing sound to it. Kind of more like bullets buzzing by (if you watch enough war movies) but it’s nice indeed. When fighting Orthons I noticed that their repeater had a much more pronounced metallic sound when  firing and even your own repeater.

Very nice.

I tell you what tho – the greater air ellie summon is pretty much bad @ss – it will smack the siege golems in Amrath on their butt. It’s way more efficient than the Orthon that you can summon. The Orthon went toe to toe with a bearded devil in Amrath and it couldn’t even hurt it, while taking massive amount of damage itself. I’m sure it’ll be helpful for someone who specialize in summoning and can buff it perfectly but it’s not half as good as the air ellie. Although the air ellie won’t really do that much damage it’s supreme at disrupting mobs. It’ll be interesting to see how useful these summons are in Epic.


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