I get no respecc around here

With my shiny 6900 TP I bought myself a lesser reincarnation. I felt like I had a less then optimal FvS, which is true – not so much because he’s no good at anything, far from it. But I had 32 points in charisma, 4 extra points in Dex and less in CON and less in STR.

I could still kick @ss and at higher level I don’t really fisty cuffs, but I did try to join in the boss fights since I have to mass heal anyways.

So with my new and shiny +2 exc charisma on my ToD ring with minimal change in overall SP I decided to respecc. Turns out that starting with 10 or 18 in Charisma have about 10%  difference overall by the time you hit cap.

I did redo my enhancements slightly with a little bit more on SP giving and less on other things, just to get my SP back to where it was. At 2803 I’m 7 SP shy of my former self with more Wisdom, more Con and more Str.

I also did some rearrached my spells. I had some low stuff I never used but didn’t do much for me and I replaced my firestorm (reluctantly) with Summon VIII. When update 7 hits I’m going air ellie – that thing can knock the seige golems in Amrath on it’s clay behind.  And if that’s any indication I hope the same in quests everywhere for effect. Imagine 2-3 of those suckers in Sins of Attrition disrupting the waves of ambushing critters. Perfect way of saving some SP.

And finally – after creating and played around with a con op helmet managed in short time put together 5 more large scales. That means another con op item; Khopesh to round off my arsenal. Give me torc and Amrath is going to be bliss


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