Half Orc I am

When I played on Lamannia there was two items that struck me as particularly good to have in the beginning and several others when you hit 5; one was the infested armor and the second the new keen great axe. I found the armor to be more important than the latter – partly because I already had a really good axe – acid with pure good, but also because the armor has spell resist.

Infested Armor – +2 Full Plate, Disease Guard, Spell Resistance 19, Light Fortification (level 4)

That’s especially useful when the critter shamen/spell users use hold monster/person spells as it’ll be more difficult for them to do it. The light fortification is nice as well (not bad for a level 4 item) as it gives you some protection against crits. Disease Guard is interesting but ultimately (like most low end guards) fairly minor as my half orc have a tendency to kill everything before the con damage actually does anything.

Charged Gauntlets – Gloves, Shocking Blow, Strength +2, Lesser Lightning Resistance, Might of the Abishai
Envenomed Cloak – Cloak, Constitution +3, Poison Save +2, Poison Guard, Might of the Abishai
Gem of Many Facets – Trinket, Anger’s Wrath, Protector’s Heart, Nimble Hand, Pathfinders, Devoted Heart, Arcane Mind, Archivist, Troubleshooter
Helm of Frost – Helmet, Lesser Cold Resistance, Charisma +3, Might of the Abishai, Frost Lance 3 charges (3 recharges per day) (End chest)
Hellstroke Great Axe – +2 Great Axe, Doublestrike 3%, Keen (Blood Plate chest)
Infested Armor – +2 Full Plate, Disease Guard, Spell Resistance 19, Light Fortification (Blood Plate chest)
Scorched Bracers – Bracers, Fireball (CL: 5, 3/rest), Lesser Fire Resistance, Armor Bonus +4, Might of the Abishai

Battered Marketplace Shield – +3 Large Shield, Haggle +3, Regeneration
Boots of Corrosion – Boots, Greater Corrosion 3, Greater Nullification 3, Lesser Acid Resistance, Might of the Abishai
Diabolist’s Docent – +3 Docent, Intelligence +3, Conjuration Focus, Summon Monster III 1 charge (1 recharge per day)
Diabolist’s Robe – Robe, Intelligence +3, Conjuration Focus, Summon Monster III 1 charge (1 recharge per day)
Goggle of Time-Sensing – Goggles, Haste (CL:5, 3/rest), Wisdom +2, Spot +5, Search +5 [BTA]
Hellfire Crossbow – +2 Repeating Light Crossbow, Scorching Ray (CL:3, 3/rest), Flaming [ML:4, BTA]
Staff of Nat Gann – +2 Quarterstaff (dex attack mod), Dexterity +2, Dodge +1, Sneak Attack Bonus +2
Timeblade – +2 Long Sword, Slowburst, Feather Falling

Here is all the new raid loot. Note that some things have changed (if the link shows the old item before the changes). All items belonging to the Might of the Abashai now have 10 in resistance to whatever element they protect against. And both the time blade and the hellstroke great axe offer cold iron DR breaking. Staff of Nat Gann is +4 in Dex and Silver DR breaking. Hellfire repeating crossbow is flame burst instead of flaming. And google of time sensing is level 5 instead of no level.

Adding 3 items of the set gives a number of profane bonuses and adding all five gives more. Goggle of time sensing is good both for rogue type toons and fighters. Add haste plus attack speed haste to a fighter and you have a whirlwind of death and the spot and search bonus is nice for finding traps.

I managed even to pull boots of featherfalling with no level requirement as the new raid end rewards, but decided to take the timeblade instead (does the same plus it’s always good to have another okay weapon). The end loot is all bound to account so it’s important to keep in mind that even the suckiest loot you pull can’t be sold on the AH. Part of running the new raid on 2 capped toons I also managed to pull Helm of Frost, Scorched bracers and Gem of Many Facets. One that I hope to pull soon is Charged Gauntlets and Envenomed Cloak. The Gauntlets are awesome. On a natural 20 you do additional lightning damage (10d6 with reflex save). On Lamannia I was not only hitting for 50-100 with a crit, but I was adding something like 50 in lighting damage as well. Very nice.

By putting on all five Abashai items you gain 1 guard effect, 1 effect on a natural 20, resist in acid, fire, lightning and frost and with the additional goggles and armor you get haste clickies and another guard effect as well as fortification and spell resist. All good things and perfect gear to take anyone from 4-8ish before having to re-gear. You’re not invincible, but it allows you to avoid having to drink tons of pots for the same effect. And to worry less about always having the right buffs and more about doing serious damage to the ‘other guy’.

I had told myself that I would roll a half orc as soon as I pulled the infested armor (it’s that good to have) and late last night another half orc saw the light of day. It’s going to be interesting using it going forward and I hope to have the other raid gear shortly as I hit level 5 and 6.


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