Me boots

I’ve run the new raid on everything and its grandma (almost mules at this point) to pull the boots. When I did pull the boots it was between those and the gloves, and the gloves won that time since it’s just that good to have on a fighter. My hope was to pull and use them before I hit level 8, since I have other things in storage that is of better value.

I don’t use the axe – why should I when my acid pure good great axe paired with the gloves do fantastic damage. It’s not bad to be able to do 150+ damage on a crit hit. I’m definately having fun with this one and the infested armor is pretty awesome considering that I have a fair chance to avoid getting held, even on elite. Hirelings are still door knob stupid – especially when healing others in the party. Other times they simply stand there (even if you have set them to aggressive) in the middle of a big fight with hands by side doing nothing. You’re hit and dying? To bad so sad.

Here’s me hoping to pull the boots (finally) sometimes this coming week.


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