Half Orcing

I finally pulled the last piece in the Might of Abashai set – the boots, so now I can run around with my half orc ‘safe’ from basic elemental damage. Safe, in the sense that the first 10 fire, acid etc damage won’t hit me, but it can still hurt. Combine that with the elemental protection pots from House of J (120 elemental points of damage for 5 minutes) and it’s at least ‘safe’ enough from that.

The big piece of everything isn’t the set itself, as nice as it is to have profane armor, strength and constitution as well as the elemental resist – no, the greatest part of the raid loot is the infested armor and it’s SR. Anyone that have run elite runs know the danger and the pain of getting held. While having SR on your armor doesn’t stop it from happen, it sure lowers the risk of it quite a bit. The only thing that really sux about doing elite on low level guys is the almost automatic amount of crit damage one take. I ran quests out of the wilderness in the harbor (the one where you have to rescue a bunch of people from a Orc boss and the one where you have to turn out the fire at the farm).

The big difference to me was that the enemy had a tremendous ability to crit; it seemed statistically higher than I could even do it with my two Khopeshes (talking about my ranger here), but also the relative uselessness of the enemy casters. Other than the high end offensive spells most debuffs, holds etc failed. I did get held in the very end (or rather ‘danced’) but my hireling; a little more response, kept me alive.

There’s no question that the new gear, good tactics and the high DPS and ship buffs helps; it’s a lot easier to solo some quests which is inevitable with this kind of power creep but it’s not over dominating the stage. You can still get killed and if you don’t know the quest and have the resources to move forward, you are truly toast.

Nothing illustrates that better than Irestone Island – it used to be the true baptism of fire. If you don’t have the gear, nor know the quests it’s easy to get yourself worn down by the relentless spawning mobs of some pretty hard hitting hob gobs. There are plenty of casters that like to exhaust and drill you with fire and there are plenty dual weapon fighting surprise attacking hob gobs bursting out of nowhere to attack you when you least expect it.

Yesterday I managed to finishing it off with my half orc, a cleric hireling (both level 6) all the new raid gear and some extra stuff and haste and fighter attack speed when needed. It was on hard and it was a hard fought slog from finish until end. And it was great.

Again – the key was the infested armor; without it I would have been held numerous times and prey to the numerous mobs. Instead I resisted (most of the time) and prevailed.

Most ironic thing; me clearing out the harbor wilderness from Orcs. Human fleshies before bros I guess.



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