The Mabar event have sure brought out the snipers and overall territory huggers. I’ve been a victim of sniper since Lamannia and after the changes it’s more ‘fair’ in that sense. You always have those that will try to kill stuff you half baked with mass heals. I read about people hunting in packs and wrote about unwanted guests stalking them, but I never thought I would be that guy; the stalker. So there I were – hunting by those rocks close to the chamber. Killing my one and two until suddently things started spawning real good. Turns out a group had moved into it. I didn’t care. I mass healed and we all ‘shared’. Then as I have to go and get more ‘juice’ a guy sends me a tell ‘go away’. The irony had me flabbergasted. They take over the area and instance I was in and I should go away. Oh well – what can I say – after a squelch I hope to never deal with that guy again.


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