Getting back to the basics

With the Mabar even my current build ended up seeing some real changes. First off – I like the Epic Cloak of Night. I always wanted a perma blur item and I was thinking about making a perma blur green steel item, such as goggles that added reflex save. Now I don’t need too. The problem is that I already have a good cloak; +45 HP Mineral II (so heavy fortification and protection +5).

Ditching that mean losing 45 HP, which wasn’t the worst, except that some late game/epic critters can slap you for over 400 in damage. Plus having one item with heavy fortification and protection is very nice. It was expensive too – double shard with 5 large devil scales and not something I want to simply discard in a hurry.

This definitely threw my whole set up for a loop and I ended up dropping my tier 1 10% healing amp on my dragon touched for heavy fortification since I used a ring for a while, but that became inconvenient when I pulled the occult slayer ring in ToD.

This equipment issue snowballed into me redoing my pure ranger build into a fighter 2, ranger 18 build. In doing so I lost my 5th favored enemy and 2 damage for every favored enemy and my capstone – ranged combat attack speed. But I gained a lot in return. I doubt I would’ve done the change if rangers had a better capstone or a tempest alternative. First off I gained 2 extra feats by splashing in fighter. I added power attack and improved critical ranged. Both will more than enough compensate for the loss of favored enemy (I ditched construct), and even though I shoot relatively ‘slower’ my increased threat range compensates for the loss of speed. I also added fighter attack speed boost 15%. It’s a awesome clickie. Add haste and that and it’s significantly faster. It’s only 5 clickies but well worth the choice.

All in all I added more CON, a little less WIS and my strength remain the same. And as I pulled a +3 Str tome as 20th reaver completion I can now boost my str further with a +1 STR ship shrine. And since the occult slayer ring adds +1 exceptional CON the +1 CON ship shrine boosts that part.

All I need now (except for my epic gear loadup) is a green steel item that adds some HP and some reflex. I’m considering something like bracers of triple air. It’s relatively inexpensive and add air guard – a chance to either slap someone on their butt (save) or proc a 30 second haste – ideal. I would add +5 reflex save as tier 1, and 35 HP (tier 2 and 3). That would further increase my over all HP and reflex save and I could complement with more stacking reflex save through some other item, possibly epic.

The issue I have is that if I do bracers (pretty much the only slot I have ‘open’) I lose my subt +20 heal amp item, but my hope is to pull the tempest ToD ring and instead of adding +2 exceptional Dex, add +20 heal amp to that.

Then by adding heavy fortification to the epic items I’m looking at (augmented) and the red fen +30 heal amp gloves I can get my +10 heal amp DT rune back and be done with it.

Or shorter. I’m looking at a ranger with a balanced set between AC for Vale and lower and DSP all the way to the top with the ability to self heal that can boost DPS through speed without compromising any functionality. I certainly could have done worse.


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