Everyone wants tharnes goggles. Or at least it seems like it. There’s always the ‘drat the goggles didn’t drop’ in a VoD run. And for good reasons. It’s not that tharnes goggles are these super duper ones, but they’re pretty good, offer a lot of value for something like a rogue and it has true seeing on them which is at least for a self sufficient dungeon runner almost a must.

It never drops. Well it does – but for all the times I have run VoD I’ve seen it drop twice and once as end reward for my FvS. I took it – it’s not like I really needed it but I figured what the heck – I might as well take it since I had everything else. This time I was running VoD on my ranger and I figured I wanted tharnes, or the epic red fen ones with true seeing so I could eventually replace my DT true seeing rune and start the whole slow migration of gear over to ‘final super uber stuff’. I didn’t NEED it per say but it sure would look nice on my wall. The run started really badly; one guy wasn’t even in when a few of us dropped down and as we fell piecemeal we ended up getting somewhat displaced and eventually ‘deaded’ by stuff like one or two people dropping to the very bottom (leader forgot the obligatory put your FF on). And as they recalled and got their HP and SP back others of us (including myself) had already reached the puzzle part where we ended up dying at a frightening rate. I didn’t, but others around me did. My combination of con op and vorpal (and running in circles healing myself) eventually cleared the stage before the first infernal wall and we fared better in clearing and pulling down the second to the actual portal.

Meanwhile 3-4 people were still behind because one healer kept dying. And dying. And worse of all – that healer only had 230 HP and despite being a level 18 FvS (pure) – not one single raise dead spell or scroll. Color me noob or something but that was one of the first spells I picked up when I took my first baby step as the role of healer. I figured it was there for a reason – if someone dies and they will I wouldn’t be so inept that I couldn’t get them back.

To make matters worse he had so few HP that he died from his own inept healing and as a result the rest of the group fell with him.

Not to paint him or his build as terribly bad but if you can’t keep yourself alive let alone others than FvS or cleric isn’t for you. I’m not saying that in a Elitist way – but when I first tried out my FvS I seldom died from not taking care of number one guy – I figured if I died as the only healer the rest of the group would be screwed. Plus I learned the value of wands, pots and scrolls fairly quickly – having the ability to use heal scrolls and save SP is a value proposition no one should overlook.

When people finally figured out that it would take this guy about 2 hits to die inside the quest and that he didn’t have any raise dead abilities whatsoever it was ever so politely suggested that he dropped out and that he should get together with some of the other players to get his build looked at. Which I think was a awesome way instead of kicking him whenever he stepped out like I’ve seen happen to others. And that’s why I stuck around despite the whole ordeal taking over an hour (with a 20 minute up front wait before we even dropped down into Subt). The guys were competent and there was none of that drama that usually unfolds as stuff comes unglued.

The actual raid was like running water; there was enough DPS to dwindle down Mr bossy, slap around the red named Orthons and hack to pieces any other trash mobs. And the ending came quick as BB’s and such came up as the bats dropped and he fell under the barrage of sharp weapons and multi arrow.

And as we opened the warded chest 2 bard cloaks and 3 tharne dropped. 3.

2 went up for roll and I won one of them.

Again – 3. That would be like seeing 3 torc drop in ADQ2. I guess that was the reward to all of us for seeing it through till the end.

Which brings me to the actual point of this rant; leave the drama for real life. Even the worst beginnings can have a happy ending if people show grit instead of emotional drama. Nothing good comes out of finger pointing, yelling and behaving like @ssess. Perseverance might be its own reward but sometimes even the game rewards you for it.

Of course none of that explains why I pulled the gorgon docent instead of the gorgon armor (like I wanted) but we can’t get everything all the time either.


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