Big fist meet stupid fishie demon

You’d think that playing ranger or caster can be quite therapeutic with all that skills, options, clickies and such, but I always found mindless carnage more therapeutic than the sophistication of the more advanced. It’s like comparing a good action flick such as a big fist or 200 rounds of ammo assault rifle with something like Saving Private Ryan. It’s the same thing right? But one has drama, tactics and eventually brutal action – the other have few words and something brutal that does a lot of hard hitting/killing stuff. One leaves you breathless as you try to soak the whole experience in, the other one leaves you walking out with a big smile as the evildoers are dispatched with brutal satisfaction.

Such is the world of my half orc. I hit level 10 dispatching critters in red fen. The only time I died was when I tried to kill the demon in the end quest. It coincided with the exact moment my healing hireling got the bright idea to get close and dirty with the boss. The hirelings hardly do anything other than the odd searing light or something but this time it wanted to do some pathetic hammer time. And hammered dead it got.

Up till that moment I had enjoyed the whirlwind tour of the upper world to this bottom of the sea. All in the name of hacking things to little bits.

My half orc is pure carnage with no or little sophistication. 1 big greatsword, a clickie for 25% haste boost and a haste or rage pot to add some extra speed. That’s very few things to think about.

Level 10 provided me with the opportunity to equip blade of fury. It’s not high damage; it has wounding, can infect a critter with con damage fever and if you go below 25% in HP you get enraged (kind of like Half Orc fury) and get stronger and such. I still like it and look forward to upgrading it with a hooked blade to add maiming. That would increase the DPS enough to make it viable for a bit more until I have a Mineral II or Lighting II big stick. That combo with Gorgon Armor adds a more brutal look. The Gorgon Armor is suppose to be a heavy armor but it looks more like a dressed up medium. Not a bad look – the whole ‘I just slayed a Gorgon and made a armor out of it’ look is awesome but it could do with a little more ‘heaviness’ if it is suppose to be heavy armor.

One more level and I can put on a Minos legen and stop worrying about those dumb crits and go on sucking on the build like it was a delicious cough drop.   


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